The card game

The card game is one of the great new features in Travian: Kingdoms. You can win a range of valuable items and bonuses. There are two different playing modes: In the standard mode you can pick one of… Read More

Tournament Finals 2015 – all information + wild card raffle

We’re all eagerly awaiting the Tournament Finals. Now it’s official: It will be BIG! Players from more than 20 countries put their skills to the test on the qualification servers. Tense battles were fought, powerful alliances formed and… Read More


Travian: Kingdoms is not a game for those short on time. It requires a lot of experience and patience to master. So far it hasn’t been possible to see whether a player has entered the world of Travian… Read More

The Rubble Feature

Hi Travian players,, Today, we want to tell you something about our new “rubble” feature in Travian: Kingdoms.

Banner Contest

There is a new Contest! This time you can create your personal Travian:Legends Banner.

Conditions of participation for the Travian: Kingdoms banner contest

Travian Games GmbH (called “TRAVIAN GAMES” hereafter) is carrying out a contest accompanying the introduction of the Travian: Kingdoms banner contest (called “contest” hereafter). Participation in the contest and the prize draw is subject to the following conditions: