News about T3.6!

Again, we had the chance to make an Interview with Ecki, our Game-Designer. Just take a look, what he’s explaining and wich questions he’s answering. And here is the video.

Have fun!

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  1. The biggest problem with travian 4 and 5 is an intense quick start and a dull mid game. It makes the game less exciting and leaves no goals left. Beside the bullshit action house and all hero stuff that got nothing to do with travian. The oasis and hero was balanced in T3. T3.2 was the best strategically but combine it with the farm list and crop finder of T3.6 so all the utilities of T3.6.
    I mean, look at what t4 brought us. Daily tasks which are interesting, limit your options early game, and take too much effort to do later in the game. It’s so freaking pointless. Look at what t5 brings, a spinning wheel like we are playing some random online game. We aren’t here for that, we want a real time strategy game nothing more nothing less.

    What you been doing wrong as business and game is that you derived from your core values. And kingdoms as game concept would actually be much better than T.4. Wasn’t it for the fact the production is still way too high for kings. A strategic game drives on the fact that it is equal for all players. T5 brings too much luck. Based on what your location is, who are your neighbours and will you get a good duke(which is not rewarding position). Will your gouverneurs be active and can you depend on them. It’s a style you like or not, but it’s hard to participate in as new player. Mainly premades will shine and rise. It’s actually very unwelcome to beginners. Although you may argue they can pick up the game, groups will dominate and beginners don’t have a groups, exploring the game is the first target. Right now it’s becoming more and more unequal, and therefore less appealing to new players and more boring for paying players. Winning isn’t fun if you don’t have to put effort in it. It’s like cheating, it’s fun for a few second but gets boring really quickly. You should capitalize on aesthetics and utility. The moment when npc’ing and instant finishing building was introduced it reduced the strategic aspects of the game.

    Travian grow and raised by the fact that T2,5 and T3,0 only had utility based option, the plus coupon. Only with gold club you capitalise on utility furthermore which was a good thing. I’m certain a good team would be able to come up with other great ideas to make the profitable while keep it equal for everybody. Introducing T3.6 won’t be a revive for the game. It’s outdated. But keep the spirit and the concept, the core values are lost. T5 was a little step in the right direction, but it’s unwelcome for the individuals. And you need those in online game, it’s too team oriented and that simply won’t survive nor attract the mass.

    • Good morning A firefly,

      thanks for your feedback. We’re still developing Travian: Legends. So everything is going to be better and better 🙂

      Have a great day.

  2. Edit: Daily tasks are NOT interesting and irritate the everyday player. You have already a “daily” task, upgrade your building, training troops and farming. Ofcourse they aren’t intresting and got nothing to do with the game. I was relieved it got kicked out of the game in T5.

  3. Hello.
    I too am a nostalgic of the Travian 3.x version, but I do believe Firefly has a point when saying it’s outdated compared to what players in general have become accustomed to playing online games. Maybe it would be more constructive to continue “upgrading” the current version of Legends and modify some aspects of it, remove the less popular features and integrate some newer ones.
    I am not sure how much time and effort it would take, but here are but some ideas …

    What I would appreciate is a new map to play on with some real features that can modify the gameplay. I get really really tired of the circular map with the grey area in the middle …
    This is one of the reasons I found your “Europa” servers so refreshing: the water really affects strategy. Maybe you could build on that and add some more special areas (like canyons or others). But beware the total size: the “Europa” map is too big compared to the number of players involved.

    Another thing would be adding some variety in the troops. What I mean is that if one chooses a particular race to play, one will always has the same troops available. After a while it get boring and predictable: if a player chooses the Teutons as a race, there is a fat chance he’ll be making a majority of club swingers.
    Maybe with the choices made a player gets to develop only certain troops and permanently looses the ability to form others at later stages of the game. This would require Travian to integrate some new troops into the game.
    And maybe the research does not necessarily have to be done on each village but can be a global feature for the whole account. That way we could specialize our villages in a research pole and others in troops formation …

    Players like to capture animals from oases because of the animals I suppose and because they are something different to have. Unfortunately these can only be used as defending units. Maybe you can create a new building where players can build animals and then use them to attack as well? Imagine sending an army of 20.000 swordsmen supported by 500 elephants … just like Hannibal.
    Or sending out armies of thousands of rats … just for the fun of it.

    Natars have the potential to be more than just free villages for later conquests. Make them more active: let them randomly attack neighboring player villages.
    Plus, do not only change capital cities of deleting players into Natar villages: role the dice for every one of the villages belonging to a deleting player. That way several villages might remain on the map after the disappearance of an account.

    A change in the philosophy of the artifacts would be welcome too. Currently they only benefit a minority … whom didn’t really need them in the first place. Ever saw a player ranked 2065 have an artifact? Nope. Artifacts are only for the top100 in the first place, who then become the top50 after acquiring them.
    In your “Ancien Europe” servers last year you made am interesting development: after conquering the village, related artifacts could be used by all the players of an alliance: this was nice as it increased motivation. Plus smaller players could finally experience the advantages of those special effects.
    I am not thrilled by the new approach on your latest anniversary servers: now artifacts belong to a region and not to a village anymore. It transforms the game as players are now encourage to become farmers to reach the 10.000 population per region mark …. there is not incentive anymore to make troops.

    In the earlier versions of the game it was possible for players to load skins to their account so that they could personalize a bit their account. It didn’t change much to the game itself but it remember it to be fun: that’s why some people devote some of their time to make those skins and others to use them.

    And finally there is the old dream of being able to play some new races … Egyptians, Carthaginians … sight.


    P.S.: by the way, the decision to add the “cauldron” on your latest anniversary servers …. really really bad idea. So now Travian is some kind of online lottery/gambling game?

    • Heyho Pepe,

      thanks for your feedback. I sent it to the Game-Designer of Travian: Legends. We are always thankful for good feedback and I see that you put a lot of passion in your message.

      Thanks and Greetings

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