Equipment of the Roman Legionnaires

In the beginning of the Empire, around 0 AD, a Roman legion consisted of around 5,000 heavy infantry men and a small cavalry division of 120 riders. Usually the Roman legions were also assigned an equal number of… Read More

Server Lottery

Have you already heard about our new server lottery? The lottery takes place every Friday. On that day, we will announce the new server starts and you will have the chance to win some extra gold! Intrigued? Just… Read More

News about T3.6!

Again, we had the chance to make an Interview with Ecki, our Game-Designer. Just take a look, what he’s explaining and wich questions he’s answering. And here is the video. Have fun!

Celtic warfare – how the Gauls fought

Battle and war played a key role in the life of the Celtic tribes in Gaul. Especially for the nobility, but also for common people, war was an important part of their lives. Often this occurred in the… Read More