The artifacts

The architects slight secret/The architects great secret
The architects unique secret
unique baumeister-karte

The slight titan boots/The great titan boots
schnellere truppen-karte
The unique titan boots
unique schnellere truppen-karte

The eagles slight eyes/The eagles great eyes
Bessere späher-karte
The eagles unique eyes
unique späher-karte

Slight diet control/Great diet control
weniger getreideverbrauch-karte
Unique diet control
unique getreideverbrauch-karte

The trainers slight talent/The trainers great talent
schnellerer truppenbau-karte
The trainers unique talent
unique truppenbau-karte

Slight storage masterplan/Great storage masterplan/Unique storage masterplan
bauplan für große lager-karte

Rivals slight confusion/Rivals great confusion
großes versteck-karte
Rivals unique confusion
unique großes versteck-karte

Artefact of the slight fool
Artefact of the unique fool
unique narrenartefakt-karte

9 Comments on “The artifacts

  1. Hello.

    Do I understand this correctly: the artifacts will not be physically present anymore on the map (like in a natar village)?


  2. Hello again.

    Regarding the initial implementation of the payers, will it be as usual, in a circle starting from the [0/0] position, or will it be a more random pattern?


  3. Hello,

    I started to play Scattered Empire [SI19] and I see that here are maps that show in which region are which artefakt, so I wonder if it’s possible to let us know in which city are artefakts, or If I build treasury, will I see where are artefakts.

    Thakn you

    • Heyho Albert,

      so basically in the game players can access the “regional info screen” of any given region. In that screen they see which artifact power can be used by the region owner.
      Also artifacts aren’t in cities at all – players need to gain control of a region.
      In the treasury are tabs “Regions nearby”, “Small regions” and “Large regions” which show additional information about regions and their according artifact power.

      I hope that helps you.


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