The architects slight secret/The architects great secret
The architects unique secret
unique baumeister-karte

The slight titan boots/The great titan boots
schnellere truppen-karte
The unique titan boots
unique schnellere truppen-karte

The eagles slight eyes/The eagles great eyes
Bessere späher-karte
The eagles unique eyes
unique späher-karte

Slight diet control/Great diet control
weniger getreideverbrauch-karte
Unique diet control
unique getreideverbrauch-karte

The trainers slight talent/The trainers great talent
schnellerer truppenbau-karte
The trainers unique talent
unique truppenbau-karte

Slight storage masterplan/Great storage masterplan/Unique storage masterplan
bauplan für große lager-karte

Rivals slight confusion/Rivals great confusion
großes versteck-karte
Rivals unique confusion
unique großes versteck-karte

Artefact of the slight fool
Artefact of the unique fool
unique narrenartefakt-karte