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Scattered Empire is about conquering and defending regions. These regions hold artifacts that grant you a certain bonus. The artifacts, however, cannot be moved; they will always remain in the respective region. In order to benefit from the artifact bonus of a region, your alliance needs to increase the population. If your alliance is within the top 5 alliances of that region and holds more than 50% of the population of this group, the artifact bonus will be all yours. The region is considered not conquered if you don’t reach 50% of population within the group.

This game mechanics will create some challenges for alliances: Large alliances won’t be able to easily cooperate with one another, since they have to play against each other. Small alliances can however get together with bigger alliances and support them in the race for rank 1 within the region. Confederacies between alliances of neighboring regions are also possible. It would be cooperation along the lines of “I’ll help you to reach the top in your region and then you help me in mine!”

Status of regions
In Travian: Legends artifacts are permanently active. It’s different in Scattered Empire. Here artifacts will only become active once an alliance has conquered the region holding that artifact and once it has held that region for 24h. In the “Region status” you can find out about the different steps:
Inactive: Here a region needs to have at least a population of 10,000 in order to be conquered at all.
Contested: At this stage the 10k in population has been reached, but no alliance holds more than 50% of that population.
Securing: Once an alliance holds more than 50% of the population, the region will be set as “Securing” for 24h.
Secured: If the alliance survives the 24h without losing control, the region is considered secured and the artifact bonus takes effect.

To benefit from the bonus as an alliance member, you have to upgrade the Treasury to level 10 or 20, depending on the bonus of the artifact in question. For fairness reasons, the artifact bonuses are also limited to a maximum of 2 bonuses per village.

Relocating troops
For the first time it will be possible in Scattered Empire to relocate troops from one village in an account to another. To do so, you just send the troops as “Reinforcements” to the other village. From there you can then assign the troops to the new village. These troops do however cost twice the training amount of normal troops. Another advantage is that you can select exactly which troops you wish to relocate. So you don’t always have to relocate all your reinforcements.
Settlers, chieftains and heroes are excluded from this feature.

Forwarding troops
With this feature you can forward your troops within your alliance. Your troops will be much more agile and new defense options become available. One such option would, for example, be to have one alliance member designated as “defense coordinator”. That player would then manage a large number of troops of all players of the alliance. If required, the coordinator then sends these troops to defend single alliance villages. A task that requires a lot of communication, while opening up new opportunities as well.

The map
Like last year, you can again play this birthday special on an ancient map of Europe. It has only changed slightly here and there.

Generally, the map has moved slightly north. This means there’s less space in northern Africa now, but instead more in northern Europe. Particularly in the regions of today’s Scotland and Ireland, as well as Scandinavia. Another change is that new players can no longer spawn on the small islands in the Mediterranean, but the islands themselves can still be conquered.

To make it easier for you to find your way around the map, you can easily spot the regional borders when zooming in.

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