Scattered Empire – The features

We published a couple of videos on “features” on our YouTube channel last week. You can read all the details about them here.

Scattered Empire is about conquering and defending regions. These regions hold artifacts that grant you a certain bonus. The artifacts, however, cannot be moved; they will always remain in the respective region. In order to benefit from the artifact bonus of a region, your alliance needs to increase the population. If your alliance is within the top 5 alliances of that region and holds more than 50% of the population of this group, the artifact bonus will be all yours. The region is considered not conquered if you don’t reach 50% of population within the group.

This game mechanics will create some challenges for alliances: Large alliances won’t be able to easily cooperate with one another, since they have to play against each other. Small alliances can however get together with bigger alliances and support them in the race for rank 1 within the region. Confederacies between alliances of neighboring regions are also possible. It would be cooperation along the lines of “I’ll help you to reach the top in your region and then you help me in mine!”

Status of regions
In Travian: Legends artifacts are permanently active. It’s different in Scattered Empire. Here artifacts will only become active once an alliance has conquered the region holding that artifact and once it has held that region for 24h. In the “Region status” you can find out about the different steps:
Inactive: Here a region needs to have at least a population of 10,000 in order to be conquered at all.
Contested: At this stage the 10k in population has been reached, but no alliance holds more than 50% of that population.
Securing: Once an alliance holds more than 50% of the population, the region will be set as “Securing” for 24h.
Secured: If the alliance survives the 24h without losing control, the region is considered secured and the artifact bonus takes effect.

To benefit from the bonus as an alliance member, you have to upgrade the Treasury to level 10 or 20, depending on the bonus of the artifact in question. For fairness reasons, the artifact bonuses are also limited to a maximum of 2 bonuses per village.

Relocating troops
For the first time it will be possible in Scattered Empire to relocate troops from one village in an account to another. To do so, you just send the troops as “Reinforcements” to the other village. From there you can then assign the troops to the new village. These troops do however cost twice the training amount of normal troops. Another advantage is that you can select exactly which troops you wish to relocate. So you don’t always have to relocate all your reinforcements.
Settlers, chieftains and heroes are excluded from this feature.

Forwarding troops
With this feature you can forward your troops within your alliance. Your troops will be much more agile and new defense options become available. One such option would, for example, be to have one alliance member designated as “defense coordinator”. That player would then manage a large number of troops of all players of the alliance. If required, the coordinator then sends these troops to defend single alliance villages. A task that requires a lot of communication, while opening up new opportunities as well.

The map
Like last year, you can again play this birthday special on an ancient map of Europe. It has only changed slightly here and there.

Generally, the map has moved slightly north. This means there’s less space in northern Africa now, but instead more in northern Europe. Particularly in the regions of today’s Scotland and Ireland, as well as Scandinavia. Another change is that new players can no longer spawn on the small islands in the Mediterranean, but the islands themselves can still be conquered.

To make it easier for you to find your way around the map, you can easily spot the regional borders when zooming in.

If you want to watch the videos, just click here!
And if you want to start playing right away, click here!


60 thoughts on “Scattered Empire – The features

  1. Hellow.l have a question that what is the role of those artifacts cities in the game? It seems if an alliance conquere an region will get the bonus,neednt con the artifact city. Will the alliance still get the bonus when it control the region but lost the artifact city to the enermies ’ alliance?

    1. Heyho Sjc,

      in Scattered Empire there is no difference between regions and artifacts. That means, you can’t attack a artifact city. If your alliance is the owner of a region, the artifact is yours. But only when your alliance achieved the 50% population mark and has the control for that region for more then 24h. After this time the artifact bonus can be activated.

      I hope that was helpful.


      1. Hi,

        In the Brazilian server, an ally in a region with less than 10k of population make victory points. This is right?

        Thanks in advance.

        1. Heyho CodeOne,

          regions wich were unlocked, stay unlocked, if the populations drops below 10k. They still produce Victory Points, then. But you should contact our support.

  2. How did you leave out the alchemist prizes? This completely changes the game. You should have included that aspect in this article…

  3. I know on normal 4.4 servers you can set trade routes to the artifact holder to feed him for your reins. Is this aspect still in place on SE? If so, how does it work. Also, is the wheat pushing limit gone for artifact trade routes?

    1. Hey Robby,

      with Travian Scattered Empire we’ll introduce a new way to gain access to artifact powers. While these in Travian Legends are conquer- and movable, they are bound to predefined regions in Travian Scattered Empire.

      I hope this was helpfull.


  4. Hello I wonder if you can support another allians in their fight towards reaching 50% of the population. So you kind of share your population, but still is in another allians. what happens if you have an partnership between allians like IAP?

  5. I have a couple questions…
    uk2 has high res out put for fields… will scatter empires..
    second question is rather more complicated but hope i explain it correctly…. to activate art you need the correct lvl tc .. so smalls 10 and large 20… and each village can have 2 arts activated… but question is this… if your alliance has control of region with a small… can it only be activated in one village… and it also implies every village needs its own tc so if you have large art thats a lvl 20 tc in every village that you want the art to be activated in?
    final question is… once you have activated an art in vil… do you need to keep tc… just thinking that if it is catted by an enemy will that stop its powers working….

    thank you in advance for your reply

    1. Hey Andrew,
      the artifact power can be used in every village, but as in Ancient Europe only the first usage of the day is free.
      Yes, in order to activate artifacts a Treasury is needed. So if you want to use the artifact in every village, every village needs an artifact.
      Destroying a Treasury will not cancel the currently used artifact power, but it will hinder the player to activate the artifact power after it runs out.

      I hope this was helpful.


  6. another question…. since you can only have 2 active arts in each village… how do you choose which ones are active… and if it is switching system thing in tc… how many hrs to activate.. deactivate… to switch from art to art…

    1. Heyho Andrew,

      you can activate one artifact per village. If you choose to activate an account wide artifact in one village, the effect will be in every village. With that, villages can have two effects: one from their own treasury and one from a treasury which activated an account wide power. Switching is only possible when the artifact power runs out after 24h (or your alliance loses the according region). Then you can choose again which power to activate.


  7. Hi, to relocate troops, you say the player must to pay resources, ok, but i see in game we can pay 1 gold, i try it with some troops, and my questions are:

    when i try with a large amount of troops still will cost just 1 gold?

    catapults can be relocated to a village who still not research then?

    1. Heyho Matuskela,

      both: the gold cost and the resource cost scale with the amount of troops you want to relocate.
      And yes, it is possible to relocate catapults to a village which has not yet researched them.

      Maybe that will help you 🙂


  8. Hello again,

    Now about the artifacts , say that an alliance dominate a region with only 20 players by founding villages in this region , the other 40 will be able to use the ancient power even without founding villages in that region ?

    1. Heyho Matuskela,

      there is a simple answer for your question: Yes, the other 40 can use the power as well, even without having a village in that region. 😀

      Have a nice day and I hope that was helpful.


  9. Hello Anny.

    Is it possible to attack the villages where the artifacts are (theoretically) stored?
    Just to gain experience for the hero and off points?


    1. Hey Pepe,

      nope, that’s not possible. They are now as unattackable as Rome was in Ancient Europe.


  10. If my alliance conquer and achieves more than 50% of population in this region for 24 hours, to active the artifact power in my village, i need only a treasure in the village i want to enable, and it’s all? Not have to pay in gold like in Ancient?

    1. Heyho Gabriel,

      yes, you only need a treasury of level 10 for artifacts which only affect one village or of level 20 for account wide artifacts. As in Ancient Europe the one artifact power usage is free, any further use costs gold. As a change to Ancient Europe the usage of a village wide artifact is cheaper.

      Hope this will help you. 😀


  11. about the points of each region , should I activate the power of the artifact , the region will not generate points ?

    1. Heyho Matuskela,

      Whenever a region is conquered, it produces victory points and offers its powers at the same time. The victory point production will not halt due to usage of artifact power.

      Have a nice day 😀

  12. hi
    I have a question how can we find a list of all the regions and their ancient power for

  13. Hello,
    I have a question concerning smithy improvements. Once I change troops from one village to another, and I pay for it, does this troops maintain the smithy improvement level? How does it work?
    Thank you

    1. Heyho Joana,

      Troops always get the upgrades of their new home village and lose their old ones.

      Have a nice day 🙂

  14. hi
    we naed explanation ;
    Small alliances can however get together with bigger alliances and support them in the race for rank 1 within the region. Confederacies between alliances of neighboring regions are also possible. It would be cooperation along the lines of “I’ll help you to reach the top in your region and then you help me in mine!

    we are 2 aliance , big and smal , have together 53 % and holds more than 50% of the population in our regin, and we are in confederation . whether it be two unions together in the region to have over 50%, or must one independent alliance to holds more than 50% of the population. region have 21000 population

    1. Hey Boban,

      Confederacies don’t have an effect on dominating regions. In order to gain access to the power, one alliance alone needs to have over 50 %.


  15. How much gold does the troop relocation cost? Relocating 5k imperatoris (15k crop consumption)? 10k imperatoris (30k crop consumption)?

    1. Heyho Ispanas,

      I have a hint for you wich makes it easier: 10k Imperian would cost 3kk wood, 3.2kk clay, 4.2kk iron and 1.6kk crop.

      May this helps you.


  16. Hey ..

    I have some questions please, and hope you help us asap, because we really need them now:

    1- Are regions with 10 victory points need level 10 of treasury? Are their power affect only on 1 village or account wide power.

    2- The same question as the above one, about regions with 30 victory points? and are they need 20 or 10 level 10 of treasury?

    3- How artifact works here? on the village that I have on the same region? or I can choose it for any villages I have from other regions?

    4- the second artifact needs gold? how it works exactly? and how much we have to pay?

    5- Where is the button to transfer alliance boosts from one to other?

    1. Heyho Salem,

      sorry for the delayed answer.
      1. When you visit the artifact detail page within the treasury, you can read the “Area of effect”. There you can read Village or Account. Artifacts with the range “Village” need level 10 treasury, while range “Account” will need level 20.
      2. As above 🙂
      3. The activated artifact will affect the whole account (if it’s account-wide). That is independent of the village you’ve activated it. Also it’s independent of the region your villages are located. Artifacts which only affect one village affect the village they are activated. One artifact power can be activated in multiple villages, even if they are not in the region of the artifact power.
      4. Once a day (resetting at 12 PM, lunch! 🙂 server time) you can use an artifact power for free. Any additional usage will cost gold, depending on the artifact affecting the account or the village.
      5. There is no way to move one region or an artifact power to an other alliance.

      May this will help you 😉


      1. Hey,

        I want to ask about only 2 things about this server, hope that I find fast reply.

        1- If we have alliances in the server with our first alliance, Are they can run our artifact?

        2- How much articact I can use at the same time on one village? (account-wide articact + one village affect) at the same time can I have them? or..

        1. Heyho John,

          I’m sorry for the delayed answer. I was sick last week.

          1. Within confederacies artifacts are not shared.
          2. You can only use one artifact per village. If you use an artifact with account wide power you can have two artifact effects in one village when you use another artifact power in another village.

          May this helps you 😉


  17. With the troop forwarding. Say Player A has a 15c that is being used as a Defense Depot to send reins from. Other players send reins to Player A’s defense depot. Player A’s alliance has secured a region that activates the small speed Artifact Effect. Player A has a lvl 10 TC in the Defense Depot cropper and is using x2 speed affect. When Player A goes to forward the reins from other players in the alliance, will those reins also receive a speed boost or only the reins originally owning to Player A?

    1. Heyho Bromance,

      Sorry for the delayed answer.
      There is a bug live at the moment but it will be fixed. I can only tell how it should be: When player A uses the artifact, only his troops get speeded up. When player A forwards troops from player C, the troops are speeded up when player C uses the artifact in the village the troops belong to.

      May this helps you or it will explain the problem at least 😉


  18. In a previous guide you say that a region is not conquered until an Alliance has more than 10,000 population and more than 50% domination for 24 hoursin that region.

    Well, in S19 one Alliance is earning 150 victory points per day but only one region has more than 10,000 population.

    Can you explain how this Alliance earns Victory points without conquering the other two regions?

    1. Heyho Alan,

      indeed a region needs to have 10,000 population within the TOP 5 of a region to be unlocked, but that’s five alliances which contribute. Once unlocked the first alliance needs to have 50 % of the top 5 alliances population. With that said, an alliance with 8,000 population could have around 70 % of a region with in total above 10,000 regional population.

      May this helps you 🙂


  19. Hi, thanks for the great answers in the comments. I have another question, you said before that an artifact can be activated once per day for free, is this restriction account-wide or alliance-wide? I mean, if two players want to activate the same artifact, can both get it for free?, or one of them will have to use gold?

  20. I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and interesting, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy I found this during my hunt for something concerning this.|

  21. Love it! This is a great post. I like this topic.This site has lots of advantage.I found many interesting things from this site. It helps me in many ways.Thanks for posting this again. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work Thank you so much for sharing this kind of info.

  22. Great game, thanks. I have a question – how does it work if an alliance holds two unique artifacts/regions? Can a player with a level 20 TC in two villages activate them both, one from each lvl 20 TC? And if he does, how would he select which unique power he wanted to use in another village with a lvl 10 TC that he wanted to use to activate a different small artifact?

    1. Heyho Duncan,

      as in Travian: Legends there can only be one active account wide artifact within one account. When activating the power in his level 20 treasury the player can choose which to activate. It’s then active for a day, and after this he can choose again. He can also activate one small artifact in every other village he has. That means he can have, up to two effects in all but one of his villages, one from the account wide artifact, and one from the small one.

      May this helps you 🙂


  23. Thanks, that’s very helpful. Another question, can settlers or chiefs be transferred?

  24. Hi,

    Can anyone help out with this queswtion please; what would be the forgery level of relocated troops? Does the original village’s forgery keep on effecting or should the new village upgrade them again?
    Thanks a lot,

  25. Hi, when new regions will be active for make there new vilagges? When region next to this new gain 10k population?

  26. I have three doubts:

    1. Could you explain a little more about this issue of having to pay to activate an artifact effect more than once a day? I mean, if I have, for example, the artifact to build big warehouses, and I activate at 12:00… cannot it be used during all day long?

    2. About Regions. Where can be settlers sent? There is a restriction or they can be sent anywhere?

    3. About the Alchemist: At first, there is a limit of 2k of each thing per day. Also, troops are 3 infantry, 2 spys and 1 cavalry of each (Romans). This limit grows as the account grow. Is there any table where I can see what level of production I need to increase this 2k restriction? And to know how many troops I will receive depending on my account?

    Thanks a lot for your explanations.

    1. Hello Thorn,

      thanks for your questions 🙂 Here are your answers 😉

      1. When you activate an artifact, it should be active for 24 hours. It should only stop when you lose control of the according region in the meanwhile. If the artifact effect ends before the countdown reaches zero AND you didn’t lose the region in the meanwhile. May the customer-support Team can also help you in this point. You can contact them here:
      Also regarding the gold price: you can activate an artifact effect for free per day. Every other artifact effect will cost gold, until the daily reset happens. This should happen at noon, at the same time when the Daily Quest Points reset.

      2. On the new Scattered Empire 2x Speed Servers there is a new restriction in place, that settlers only can be sent to regions which are either already unlocked or have an adjacent region already unlocked. To unlock a region, the top 5 alliances within that region need to have 10.000 Population.

      3. I’m sorry there is no such table, but what I can say, is that once you reach a production of approx. 4.000 resources per hour per resource, the prize limit should increase.

      May this will help you 🙂


  27. Thanks for your previous answer. It helped. Even so, it would be great to have some kind of table of troops and resources per level, and the requirements to “jump” to the next level.

    One new question about victory points. Only the top1 alliance gets the 100% of those points per day? Or are they shared between the top5 alliances according to their percentage in the region?

    1. Hello Thorn,

      the alliance, which dominates the region gets 100 % of the Victory Points.

      May this helps you 😉


  28. Hi,
    Would appreciate if could advise, what the “Guard” Villages for each Tribe are for?

    That is for example what is the purpose and reason for the “Roman Guard” Village; And can these be conquered?

    Kind regards

  29. I second that question what are the conditions for victory? Is it a certain amount of points? Or is it time and at the end those with the most points win?

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