End of Summer – Winner

The winner of our End of Summer Contest is Andrew Juan. Congratulations for that! Here you can see is photo. If you’d also like to be a winner, just take a close eye on our Facebookpage. And here… Read More

End of Summer finalists

Today was the last day of our End of Summer-contest. We would like to say thank you, to all who have participated in this contest. Now we have our three finalists. You can choose out of these three,… Read More

End of Summer Reminder

The autumn is coming soon and summer will be finally over. And our end of summer-contest will also be over soon. It will end on sunday, september the 20th. So hurry up and take part. For further informations,… Read More

Scattered Empire – The features

We published a couple of videos on “features” on our YouTube channel last week. You can read all the details about them here.

End of Summer Contest

The summer is almost over. But to make the cold days a little brighter we decided to make the “end of summer”-contest. It will start on monday, september the 14th at 12 o’clock. You can find some more… Read More

An Interview about Travian: Kingdoms

In a new video, Dario is telling us about Travian: Kingdoms. How the endgame is working, what the victory points are good for and a few things about some new features. Have fun! By the way: here is… Read More

Hashtag Rallye

The look of lucky winners. This is Samuel. He had cleared the main prize in our hashtag rallye. Congratulations again. And to all who want sometimes win something, just keep your eyes open for more sweepstakes. And here’s… Read More

The artifacts

The architects slight secret/The architects great secret The architects unique secret The slight titan boots/The great titan boots The unique titan boots The eagles slight eyes/The eagles great eyes The eagles unique eyes Slight diet control/Great diet control… Read More