Gamescom: Travian looks back

What a week! The Gamescom in Cologne, Germany is over and although it was a successful – and yet exhausting week in the Rhine metropolis for all members of the Travian team – our work at home in Munich doesn’t stand still. In our HQ we are already working on new ideas for Travian: Legends and Travian: Kingdoms. In our little picture gallery we want to show you some photos from Cologne that you normally might not see from a game company.

Rush hour in Cologne! The interest in our games was huge and usually it was hard to find a place to stand. Whether this was due to our games or the good Bavarian beer? We don’t know!

The calm before the storm backstage. That’s our booth before partners and journalists sat down at this table to listen to news about Travian. In the centre of interest? The new Travian: Kingdoms app.

A highlight at the booth was the visit by Ilse Aigner, Bavarian State Minister for economy and media, energy and technology. Here she is introduced by Robin Hartmann, project manager games at Werk1 in Munich.

Keeping the attitude: despite of hectic operations, Michaela and Travian Games CEO Lars Janssen remain calm. Very royal!

Backstage however, it got a little wild! Putter chic Nina and “Hasta la vista” Gösta in their typical Gamescom mood.

On Friday evening, the community event took place and Travian Game Director Ecki discussed the games with the players at hand.

Community Manager István gave an interesting insight into how the King spends the summer.

Nina, Martin and Nick at the party in the hotel Lux – a „Soviet bar“ with busts of Lenin and the hammer and sickle symbolism at every corner.

That’s how you party under the hammer and sickle.

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