Birthday Special: Scattered Empire

Travians eleventh birthday is very close, that’s why we’d like to celebrate it with a birthday special. Here is what the developers are saying:

The Roman Empire collapsed and scattered after last year’s summer special “Ancient Europe”. Many regions try to establish independence and keep their power for themselves. Now is the time to conquer these regions bit by bit and claim them for your alliance. Expulse rival alliances from regions. Expand your lead over multiple regions to further increase your power. It all comes down to your strategy in Scattered Empire!

While still using the core principles of Travian, we’ve created a complete new mechanic about artifact powers and victory point distribution. This will allow a completely different way to play Travian. Small scale skirmishes can change the fate of a region, because it’s not about holding one village any more, but about holding a whole region. And at best holding several of them.

What is Scattered Empire about?
This year the scenario is set after the fall of the Roman Empire. Again we use the European map, but the focus was moved a bit north in comparison to last year’s Ancient Europe. On top of this, map regions are defined based on last year’s Ancient Cities. Within regions the top alliances will compete for regional dominance and eventually secure access to Victory Point production and Regional Ancient Powers.

At start players will spawn in central regions. As they build up their villages and create alliances, they will be able to compete for the Regional Ancient Power. When an alliance holds territorial control long enough, they can access the power in their treasuries like in Ancient Europe. Also Victory Point production will start for this alliance.

And, you might have already noticed, Wonder of the World is still not part of this Birthday Special, it’s just about the regional control.

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