A visitor from Russia

At Travian Games we often say that the players are our most important feature. We like to use every opportunity to show that this is not just talk, but that the community really is the center of our attention. There is nothing better than hearing from players, who play Travian around the world and enjoy themselves over many years.

That was also true when we received a request from Alexander from Russia. He planned a holiday in Germany with his family. His mother, Nathalia, who came along with his wife and son, has been playing Travian for more than seven years in a closely-knit player community in Moscow. His father is a passionate Travian player as well, albeit with less experience than his wife. Alexander wanted to bring great joy to his mother and surprise her with a visit to the Travian headquarters as part of their trip to Germany. He did so very successfully, as of course we happily welcomed our four guests.

Among others, they were given a tour of our headquarters and a behind the scenes view of the development of Travian: Kingdoms. Our guests were not only able to speak with our developers, but also met Gerhard Müller himself. The inventor of Travian happily took some time out for the guests who had come a long way.

Nathalia told us that her group of players at home regularly meets up in and around Moscow. There it’s not all about Travian; over time some very good friendships were made. What’s particularly pleasant: According to Nathalia some couples even formed within that group and one of them is now married. Travian as Cupid’s little helper, how awesome!

While Nathalia was too shy in the end to be in the picture, she was really happy about the surprise and enjoyed her time with us. Of course we couldn’t let her and her family leave without some Travian goodies.

Гость из России

В Travian Games мы всегда любим повторять, что игроки – это наша самая главная отличительная черта. Мы используем любую возможность, чтобы доказать, что это не просто слова, но что сообщество действительно находится в центре внимания. Нет ничего лучше, чем услышать об игроках, которые играют в Travian по всему миру, и о том, что они играют много лет. (more…)

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