Travian: Legends

A big change takes place today: Travian 4.4 becomes Travian: Legends. We asked you, our community, to vote for your favourite name. Around 2000 players have participated and the half of them voted for Travian: Legends. This is a big step for the game and as promised, Travian: Legends will be developed and improved. A big thanks to our community!

And if you’re curious, what is going to change, then take a look!

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  1. I think you mis-linked that. You said you were going to show us what changes were coming, but it was just a sign-up page for a T4 server.

    • Hey Friend,

      sorry for the delayed reply. Well I didn’t mis-linked that. To see what is changing you need to take a closer look at the game. The game will be developed and improved. Next big changes will come. So the most of it is still in the future.

      I hope that helped you. At least a bit 😉


    • Hey there,

      the first big change was the name-change. That makes it a lot easier for everyone to distinguish between the games. And the next changes will come. Travian: Legends will be developed and improved.


    • Hey Vee,

      well if I would tell you about all the changes that will come, it wouldn’t be a big “change” because everyone would know what’s going to come. If you’re intereseted in the game, you have to stay tuned. You could join the PTR. There are some tests going on for changes that will come.
      So stay tuned, and have a nice day 🙂


  2. Exactly, so you’re artificially hyping this up when it shouldn’t be…

    Nope, I won’t be returning to this blog. Artificial hype is such a cheap American way of gaining publicity. You’ve lost my interest in the game.

  3. Too much of anything is not good. Stop hyping up and tell what is in store exactly – that will be more decent.
    You mentioned about a Name Change – may be Travian Kingdom, a different format.

    I just finished ks2-com and I can tell you that a lot needs to be done.
    Though I like a lot of features there (lot of info is available on the map, etc) there are some DISGUSTING things in it.
    1) There ware occasions where BOTs were used (raids at a gap of 8minutes) and no action was taken on complaints regarding it.
    2) The WW should be considered as the property of the team as the entire team takes active part in building it.
    Many like me use a lot of gold to push help to WW – I spent nearly 800 Gold in the last fortnight.
    After all the efforts, the winning WW holder switches the Alliance from United to xTools – that too in the last minutes of the server.
    Right from the start of WW level 1 to level 100 we had worked for it .
    But due to last minute change of Alliance the winner was declared as xTools – how would you take it if you were in my position?

    So, if you have the powers please ensure that the results are REVERSED and declare “UNITED” as the WINNERS.

    If this sort of cheating is left unpunished, not many will play Travian Kingdoms.
    Even if they play for time pass they may not venture into spending a lot of Gold to win.
    This is my first TK but I have been playing Travian for nearly 8 years with TG.
    I hope you understand the situation, and do the needful.


  4. inscrit, connectĂ© j’ai jouĂ© et plus moyen de rejouĂ© et de me connectĂ© , dĂ©solĂ©,j’ai des pieces sur ce compte,

    on me demande sans arret des capchts, incompréensible, à lire ???

    cordialement jaack

  5. Bannata nel server 7 italiano….accusata ingiustamente di aver usato il Travian Market di cui non conoscevo nemmeno l’esistenza, non accetto sanzioni in quanto del tutto estranea ai fatti, chiedo l’intervento di un admin superiore a galadriel che non si degna di darmi uno straccio di prova…

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