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There are a lot of creative fans of Travian all around the world. One of them is Marius Ruginosu from Romania. He didn’t write a story or create a video. He made the “Travile” app that makes playing Travian easier on iPhones. Here is what Marius had to say about it.

Hi Marius, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. How long have you been playing Travian for?
Hey guys, I started playing Travian nine years ago, around 2006 at the time of version three.

What is it that got you hooked? What do you like most about Travian?
Basically the war aspect. The idea of having alliances with your friends and playing against others. Becoming friends with your worst enemy, in real life.

Why do you play it?
I play it because it’s a simple game and the game-play is addictive. It does not require you to be online much, at least in the first half-year. Travian is the only browser game that I’ve played. When I started playing, I think, it was the first game that was available in a browser and could be played on any device that had one.

Do you play other video games, too? If so, which ones?
Yes, I play other games when I have the time. At the moment I play Titanfall and Warthunder.

Tell us about your app, Travile. What was the idea for the app?
The idea for the application came when I was trying to play Travian on my iPhone and it was very difficult to access some parts of the web-page and I had to zoom in and out a lot. So I decided to create a simple application that will help make it much easier to play Travian on my iPhone.

What are the options available in the app? What can you do with it?
Right now, I think the application covers around 60 percent of what you can do in the browser. You can see/manage all the buildings and fields in every village you have, research, train and improve troops, send raids with your farm lists, you can read and reply to messages and read reports. You can send the hero on adventures and change its production. You can also see what troops and merchants are on the way. Another nice feature is the local notification that tells you when a building has been finished or when your troops arrive at their destination.

One other thing that makes the application unique is that it uses the language of the server you play on and this makes it so much easier to use. The application is a work in progress. It’s updated very often with new features. For example, now I’m working on the feature of sending merchants to the marketplace.

Is it your job to program apps?
I can say that it’s part of my job. I’m a programmer in many languages and Objective-C is one of them.

Will the app be available for other platforms as well?
Unfortunately not. This is because the iPhone app requires a lot of time to maintain and add new features.

Do you have any other hobbies than just programming apps and playing Travian?
Yes, I do have other hobbies. I like listening to music while I’m jogging in the morning, reading sci-fi books, listening to pod casts and, of course, playing with my kids.

How long did it take you to program Travile?
I think it took two months until I had my first really playable version.

Who did you create the app for?
The app is mostly for those that already have some experience with Travian and know where to find the functionality they’re looking for, even though I try to keep the app as simple as possible.

Have you ever done something similar before, for other games maybe, or was this the very first time?
It wasn’t my first time. The first application that I’ve made for iOS was in 2009 and it was for YuGiOh!, the trading card game. Unfortunately, Konami asked me to remove it from the App Store after one year.

Did you also design the website
The website is actually a “” theme named “Ceevee” that I’ve changed and adapted to my needs.

A big thanks to Marius for this great interview and for his creativity!

And if you’re interested in playing now, just click here!

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  1. Hi Marius

    Thanks for this app. I think I am starting to get my head around it and I still have 30 hours before I have to decide whether I buy the full access to it.

    One thing I wanted to ask you is whether this app will work with low connectivity. I am a working professional in India and often find myself away from a computer for long periods of time. Even when I am at work, certain network restrictions don’t allow me to access this game on my laptop. So, it’s only at home do I get a chance to have some online computer time with the game. So, as you can imagine, I use my phone to access this game through safari or Crome. Recently my phone 3G network has become extremely erratic and unreliable and I am found unable to access this game through safari/chrome for long durations.

    My question to you is, is your app more conducive to working on low network bandwidth? I am assuming that this is like any other app which has to work realtime and since travian is a real time game, it will require equal amount of network connectivity as I would otherwise on chrome.

    Please clarify.


  2. Hello,

    Great app, I have full version of course. But I cant put any structure or field upgrade since video ads have been deployed… Can I expect any improvement?

    Tnx in advance

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