Hashtag Rally

Dear Travian players,

It’s often not easy to maintain one’s duties as a king or governor. Sometimes, real life is calling: your work, your fellow human beings or the empty fridge need attention. In order to fulfill these duties, you have to leave your kingdom unattended for a while. Or perhaps not?

We live in the age of smartphones and many players ask for a mobile version of the game. Our programmers have flexed all their creativity, skills and talents and developed an app for Travian: Kingdoms. It allows you to complete tasks on the fly wherever you are.

In order to celebrate the upcoming launch of the app, we’ll be running a Hashtag rally on Facebook! Recently you voted for #TK2GO as your favorite. This hashtag will mark that the post is about the Travian: Kingdoms app. Starting from July 27th we will create a daily post on Facebook containing the hashtag #TK2GO and one special word. The post series ends on July 31st and the special words will compose a sentence. Just send it to us and you will automatically join a lottery that may reward you with an Apple Watch and other incentive prizes! Winners will be announced on August 7th at Gamescom.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page. We’ll provide more details soon!

The Travian Team

P.S.: What are you waiting for? Here is the game!

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    • Yes, starting today we’ll have a daily post on Facebook with the Hashtag #TK2GO. After the final post on Friday you’ll have five words that you have to arrange as a sentence.

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