The community event in Cologne!

The gamescom 2015 in cologne is coming and with it also the community event! It takes place on August the 7th, from 7 pm in the HoteLux. There are big news about Travian. Learn everything about the coming… Read More

Travian: Legends

A big change takes place today: Travian 4.4 becomes Travian: Legends. We asked you, our community, to vote for your favourite name. Around 2000 players have participated and the half of them voted for Travian: Legends. This is… Read More

Hashtag Rally-Reminder

To all who haven’t participated in our Hashtag-Rally yet: You still have time until tomorrow. For more information, just visit our Facebook-Page. There are some cool prices waiting for you. So take party in the Hashtag-Rally! P.S.: By… Read More

Ask the Concept Artist Part 2

Here comes part 2 of the interview with Mel. Have fun!

The “Travile” app

There are a lot of creative fans of Travian all around the world. One of them is Marius Ruginosu from Romania. He didn’t write a story or create a video. He made the “Travile” app that makes playing… Read More


Do you remember our Travian-Quiz? We really got some good news from Finland from the happy winner Mikko, who just send us a picture of him and his new Gaming-PC to show us, how happy he is. And… Read More

Ask the Concept Artist

What’s actually the job of a Concept Artist? If you always wanted to know, read on! We had a chat with our Concept Artist Mel and asked her some questions. Have fun!

Hashtag Rally

Dear Travian players, It’s often not easy to maintain one’s duties as a king or governor. Sometimes, real life is calling: your work, your fellow human beings or the empty fridge need attention. In order to fulfill these… Read More

Roman kings – Myth and reality

Thanks to the kingdom system you can rule over a large empire in Travian: Kingdoms, be it as a Gaul, Teuton or Roman. Just like Julius Caesar, who subdued the Gauls, you can become the sole ruler of… Read More

Well-known sayings: “All roads lead to Rome”

The Romans were famous for their roads. They were constructed in such a durable way that some sections still remain today. The road network provided the Romans with a great advantage when it came to the cultivation, administration… Read More