Travian in “single-player mode” – is that possible?

There are things that seem trivial if someone actually spells them out, but yet they tend to surprise us more often than we thought possible. For example when playing Travian: Let’s imagine Steve and Katy start building up their village roughly at the same time, both gaining the typical beginner’s experience. They both are friends even outside of the game and regularly talk about game mechanics in Travian, for example which troop units they prefer, how shocked they were when their hero died for the first time and so on. However, the full server means they’re pretty much on their own.
A couple of weeks in, Steve starts talking about his new alliance. About support that he received in battle and also the tips his fellow players gave him. For the first time, Katy has a different game experience, since she doesn’t pay any attention to other players in the game.

Here’s the trivial point: Each player is different and enters the game with different interests, wishes and goals. Steve is puzzled and asks: “Is it even possible to play Travian successfully without working together with others?”

Surely, a very difficult, if not even impossible undertaking, particularly when joining the battle for culture points and winning the server.

Those defining “success” in a different way and those who just enjoy building up their small empire without having to compete with others, can also play Travian “successfully”, right? Or do attacks by other players just occur too frequently at some point? Or does at some point resentment towards passive players within a kingdom gain the upper hand, making it inevitable or even more difficult to play solo?

Our two oh-so-different players Steve and Katy can’t agree on this issue. Katy enjoys playing Travian in her own style, while Steve is certain that her fun will soon come to an end. Either through attacks from other players or because Katy realizes that it’s always more fun to play for the overall victory on the server.

We’d like to pass on this question to you. Travian is a rather complex game and each gaming experience differs from the other. Have you, perhaps mainly at the start of your Travian career, played passively, even in isolation? Did it work out or did it make you lose your enjoyment in the game? What do you prefer? Communication and interaction or building up your empire in peace and quiet without caring for other players?

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  1. It might just be possible to play alone with computerized players. But then they would all be natars and there wont be any alliances and wars would there????

  2. Is there any possible way to have a mode for single player.. where there will be a large number of Natarian will slowly grow. and you need to hit them and destroy them to end the game ?
    Even in the multiplayer mode style, i will recommend an idea of “Fighting Natarians better than Fighting Players” where Natarian will spawn in huge amount from time to time

  3. yes it is possible i did do that when i first started playing and it was enjoyable until u cant go solo anymore cuz u need help for artifacts transfering and WW defending and in game asking for riens and stuff
    planning ops with other players is certainly a very enjoyable thing
    but when u get that everybody plays solo and there r no allinceses well maybe something new will occure
    like there will be no week players that r defended by the alliance name only and certainly battles will be more often and thats better ofcours
    i think the goal and purpose here is all about making the players wanting to get online to check whats new so eagerly and having a lot of action 24/24 like non stop as long as u r online and that dos not come if a hole quade is under one allaince banner
    if there was no confeds or naps and alliances r only allowed like 10 players who will probably know each other a lot and be very communicative with each other cuz after all they r only 10 people !!
    that would be great

  4. I would much rather play Travian singleplayer, with maybe some special missions to keep me going and make me feel like i have a purpose. (like total war series). Otherwise i just argue with my friends and lose one every game

  5. It would be awesome, an 1 vs 1 to 10 vs 10 players high speed server, to play in 4 or 5 hours, it would be very nice to play against a rival, but we must think in other things like the WW’s, it would take a lot of time put it in 100 level, but we could put it, for example, in 10 level to be faster.

  6. I think single player Travian could be done! The reason i never really ended up playing travian at a high level, is because the big time requirement, so i never really got into the advanced mechanics. Tho if you made a single player version, where there was a “pause” button (would be awesome, if using this button was for free), i would not hesitate to start playing again! The best way to do this, would probably be by making an offline client, that could be downloaded, and that would simulate the other players. Of course only if the player wanted competition from such AI’s. Map settings would be a possible implementation to this single player game, as well as difficulty settings! I cant wait to see, if this idea about single player Travian would become real! I hope it does, and i hope it has a pause button!

  7. Although, the true ‘fun’ of travian lies in the fact that you get to compete with others who are great strategists. At some point of time, even after being in the top 10 raiders the game becomes too difficult to cope with. People play this game for hours daily, and a few, like me, do not have that much time in our hands.

    I had been thinking about a game like travian for single players, tried a few too. But there were none that seemed as exciting. But I think the Travian Team should give it a go. Where all the players on the server are NPC’s and you can decide the times when the game should run and when it shouldn’t.

    Like if I have my exams coming up, I can just pause it and nothing changes in the game. Not even a single resource. I’d definitely spend my money on a game like that, which carries the essence of the current travian. I even have a few ideas (i have been thinking about this for nearly 5 years) Contact me and I’ll tell you every single detail as long as you assure me the game. 🙂

  8. Hi, if you like to play “alone” and only build up your own villages is ravian not the right game for you. There are other games for you as Farmwille. But these players are helpfull for us others as farms. regards Mia

  9. I don’t know if it’s a thing still being discuss about (yeah i’m a little late :D), but i think it’s a really good idea.
    A single player mode with AI, where you can also set the game settings as you wish like maybe :
    -The version of the game
    -Size of the map
    -If there is natars
    -Victory conditions
    -and so on…
    and maybe even allow to invite friends in your game, heck that would be cool.
    Thought, the AI will probably require the most of works, especially to keeps things interresting and challenging without cheat.
    And i have no idea how alliance with AI would work, also when they will know to send supports troops to allies ? we could probably found a solution if we think more about it tho…
    Also probably gonna need some littles changes since it will be no more an online server, ofc thinking about the golds transaction for example.
    i would definitly pay for a game like this.
    Well maybe it’s just dreams but atleast that was my two cents !

    Love Travian. 🙂

  10. Same as above, little bit late 🙂

    Used to play Travian many years ago, but quit since the game requires a lot of time in order to stay afloat and actually enjoy it. A singleplayer version, or more like a co-op multiplayer where you have human controled alliances vs Natars growing in numbers and strength and our goal is to dig deeper into their teritory where we can take over only certain villages hence the old settling mechanic would still be viable.

    It’s doable, and with some work would probably draw a lot of the old players back, those like me who have a family and a steady 9 to 5 carrer which forces us to abandon games we enjoyed, yet don’t have the same time as we used to have years back when we were teenagers or studied till late night to make sure our attacks are synhcronized 😉

    Regards and best of luck to the team!

  11. I would be so glad if a single player version existed and I believe it wouldn’t be hard to actually program it. It just needs some time and dedication. Also it would be a great way for beginners to try out different tactics.

    I feel like I’m still addicted to this game, I just don’t have the time for it and it makes no sense to start a server without trying to be the TOP player in your favourite way. But still I can’t forget about all the experience and memories I had during the years in Travian. 🙂

  12. Sorry if I’m very late
    I love this game but I like to build more than attack/defend, a single player version will be nice to play

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