Travian 4.4 is getting a new name – Survey!

As already announced, we want to add a new name to Travian 4.4. Therefore we had asked you to send us your suggestions. After checking all of your suggestions, we picked the three that were most often mentioned and now it is your turn again! You have the chance to vote until next Monday, June 29th until 12 a.m. which name should be added in the future.

Here are your three favorites from which you can pick:

Travian: Legends

Travian: Original

Travian: Genesis

Have much fun with Travian – see you on the battlefield!

You can vote here:

What is your favorite subtitle for Travian T4.4?

  • Travian: Legends (47%, 921 Votes)
  • Travian: Genesis (31%, 608 Votes)
  • Travian: Original (22%, 432 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,961

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15 thoughts on “Travian 4.4 is getting a new name – Survey!

  1. can you please give us back the old travian t2? on croatian servers it would be so nice 😀 i love those simple maps and heroes without auctions

  2. Boa tarde!

    Não concordo nem com Original, nem com Genesis, a versão T4.4, está muito longe das origens do travian para ter esse nome.

  3. اخترت
    أساطير ترافيان

    ما هو العنوان الفرعي المفضل لديك لترافيان T4.4؟
    ترافيان: أساطير (39٪، 206 صوت)
    ترافيان: سفر التكوين (37٪، 195 صوت)
    ترافيان: الأصل (24٪، 127 صوت)

    الترجمة من متصفح قوقل

  4. Well,

    Since T4.4 is NOT the original travian, it would be a lie to call it “travian original”.
    There is not much legendary about t4,4 so the name “travian Legends” will disappoint, because it does not live up to the name.
    Travian didnt start with T4,4 so the name “travian Genesis” is also incorrect, and sounds most of all like a ripp-off from terminator. 🙂

    So i vote for None of the above, and sugest you dont decieve your custommers.

    And then i beg you guys to listen to your custommers, and reconcider bringing back Travian 3,6


    1. I couldn’t agree more with Anton.

      We pretty much have the same opinion on all 3 “choices”. Maybe we’re just getting to old playing this game ….

  5. תבואו לשרת המהיר הישראלי יא חוות למי אכפת מהשם אני צריך שותף כל שבוע שיכניס 1600 זהב

  6. how about to make every1 happy , make speed servers x3 for travian 3.6 , 2 , 4.4 and just ditch travian 5 , also whats wrong with the gold on travian 5 ? do u think we pee & poo money to spend only on one game ??
    or at least reconsider the gold prices for travian 5

    thats my personal opinion any1 who doesnt like it , f*ck off

  7. As long you allow Multihunters from romania to mock the players, and to act like godz, as long as the official mail address, where we can send complains is blocked, and the automate respons for any complains is: OPPS, you were blocked by anti-filter spam, just do not get why did you ask questions about what color to choose to cover your dirt.

  8. If these three names among many proposals are the most liked would have to rethink about the tastes of those who made the choice, I’m sure there must be some better than these names proposed.
    Particularly to me not like any of the names chosen, I believe that the less ugly and has more to do with the game is: Legends

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Travian 4.4 получает новое имя – Опрос!

Как уже было объявлено, мы хотим добавить новое имя для Travian 4.4. Поэтому мы просили вас прислать свои предложения.После проверки всех предложений мы выбрали три, которые встречались чаще всего, и теперь настала ваша очередь! У вас есть шанс проголосовать за понравившееся имя до следующего понедельника, 29 июня до 24-00. (more…)


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