Travian 4.4 is getting a new name – Survey!

As already announced, we want to add a new name to Travian 4.4. Therefore we had asked you to send us your suggestions. After checking all of your suggestions, we picked the three that were most often mentioned… Read More

What did the Teutons eat?

In Travian mainly crop is present as the staple of the tribes. But what did the Teutons actually eat? Much of the food we are familiar with would have been unknown at the time our tribes lived (around… Read More

Who actually was… Heliogabalus?

“Heliogabalus“ was the nickname of a Roman emperor, his birth name was Varius Avitus Bassianus and as emperor he called himself Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. He came to power through a military coup as a young man and became… Read More

What did a Gaul actually look like?

“Their dress was very striking: They wore patterned shirts in different colors and long trousers, which they called bracas.” Diodorus Many historic sources portray the Gauls as wild warriors who went to fight bare-chested and often boldly painted…. Read More

Travian: Kingdoms – Webspot & Quiz

We highly appreciate that you play Travian 4.4 and Travian: Kingdoms AND that you follow our blog. But today you really shouldn’t be here. Today, you should head over to our Facebook page and win a Gaming-PC and… Read More

Travian in “single-player mode” – is that possible?

There are things that seem trivial if someone actually spells them out, but yet they tend to surprise us more often than we thought possible. For example when playing Travian: Let’s imagine Steve and Katy start building up… Read More