Who actually was – Ariovistus?

Ariovistus was the main actor in a bloody triangle relationship between our three tribes, who lived in the first half of the last century BC. He was a war lord of the Suebi, a Teutonic tribe that lived… Read More

How we know what we know: Bog people

During his work, on August 1st 1984, the peat digger Andy Mould made a discovery in the Lindow Moss bog, which looked like a piece of wood. As he threw it to his colleague some peat fell off… Read More

Four new servers starting / Zocker & Salz

Another eventful week ahead! Four new Travian: Kingdoms servers are starting this week. DE2 and COM3 open their doors today. HU1 and NL1 will follow on Thursday. The changes mentioned last week are in effect here, too. In… Read More

Three new servers for Travian Kingdoms

We already announced in the latest episode of Travian Late Night that there would be new TK servers coming. Long story short: Here they are! Starting today the servers RU2 (May 19th), FR1 (May 21st) and CZ1 (May… Read More

Travian Late Night is back!

Important news for those of you, who don’t follow us on Youtube: 1. Travian Late Night is back! In our new episode Michael and Stefan discuss several topics: the new Travian TV spot, a video in cooperation with… Read More

Travian History: How do we know what we know?

The tribes we are playing with in Travian actually existed alongside each other for many centuries. But how do we know what we do about these people? Let’s take a look at the different kinds of historical sources… Read More

Well-known sayings: “Furor Teutonicus”

The term “Furor Teutonicus” – “Teutonic Fury” in English describes a hawkishness that spares neither the enemy or oneself. It was most probably coined by the Roman poet and historian Marcus Anneaus Lucan (39-65 AD). He used it… Read More

Well-known sayings: “Vae Victis”

The real-life counterparts to the tribes in Travian shared a long, ever-changing history, in which the Romans not always had the upper hand: 750 years prior to the Germanic Vandals, Gaul tribes had conquered Rome once before.

Well-known sayings: “Alea iacta est”

“Alea iacta est” – with these words Caesar crossed the river Rubicon, as legend has it, and this phrase became a well-known saying. Today, we use it in the context of making a tough, non-retractable decision. But what’s… Read More