Travian Tournament 2015

Today we have an important announcement concerning the Travian Tournament for you.

After several years of fast restarting tournaments within a short period of time, we want to give you a short break this year. Take a deep breath for the next round and take your time to test Travian: Kingdoms. So yes, we can finally give you an answer to the question, if there will be a tournament or not. The Travian 4 Tournament will restart in mid of 2015. Sorry, that we can’t give you an official date just yet, don’t expect the qualifiers to start before july.

So take a break, gather your friends and alliances and then unleash the gods of war in a glorious Travian Tournament 2015 in the second half of this year!

Of course we will keep you updated about the tournament and the start date in this blog.

If you don’t care about the Tournament and just want to play Travian: Kingdoms – just click here

Your Travian Team


13 thoughts on “Travian Tournament 2015

  1. Travian kingdom is indeed so much better than travian 4.4
    Honestly evertyhing is better than 4.4, T4 and T4.2, T3.6/5 and T3.2 ( love that one, before the task master). Maybe only the birthday server is worse, but T4.4 was an all time low, and i actualy love travian kingdoms. The fight for your borders, the interaction with other players, all the new option and heck even the hero advantures are better now, it makes the game so much more fun. There’s no way i’m going to play any T4.4 server.

    Ofcours T5 needs some tweaking, but i’m so happy we are rid of this boring daily missions and ugly coins/interface. I would love to see a T3.2/T2.5 server and T5 server in the futher, although ive this feeling they are going to keep T4.4 way too long. Since T3 aint comming back, i can’t wait to start playing a real travian 5 server.

    T4.4 was realy an all time low and i think even the tourenement server will be barely populated.

  2. Hello Trav.

    What about restarting a couple of AE servers?
    Any chance for that?

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Travian has gotten worse and worse with these outrageous updates. The very first time I played, I believe around 2008 or 2009, those were the good versions of Travian. That being said, I want to get in on some of this Tournament action! Lets do this!

  4. I much prefer the tournament to Kingdoms. I have played Travian since 2009 and have never before Kingdoms have I been so disappointed in a server.

  5. I’m doing my best to share the news about the new setup for Qualification 2015. An update on this page can be good too. How about the new requirements to qualify? I think next round can be very exciting 🙂

  6. I am not going to let T4.4 aside for an incresingly harder to play Travian Kingdom ,which gets more complicated and hard to play and exhausting,step-by-step as you advance. I am not going to miss another opportunity to fight against the best players in the world, just to play that complicated and computer resource-eating game,which gets to be a nightmare for most of us.

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