Travian 4.4: New subtitle

After Travian Kingdoms got it’s own subtitle, Travian 4.4 is a bit jealous. In order to be fair to the whole Travian universe, we want to give Travian 4.4 a subtitle of it’s own as you probably already saw on Facebook.

We want you, to play the most important role in giving your favorite game a new name, we would like to hear your ideas about a subtitle for Travian 4.4.

You can participate in the name finding, by posting your idea in your local Travian forum.

The requirements for the new name are:

– The new Name will be Travian, plus a short subtitle
– The subtitle should not be longer than three words
– The subtitle should cover the essence of what Travian 4.4 is about (e.g. “Hero”)
– The subtitle needs to be in english

This Event will run till April 15th 2015, after that the thread will be closed and all suggestions will be forwarded to the Travian HQ to make a pre selection for the final vote. As soon as the pre selection is done, we will start a global vote to find your preferred subtitle for Travian 4.4.

Have fun – we can’t wait to read your suggestions! And if you don’t want to vote and just play Travian… why don’t you head over here

Your Travian Team

2 Comments on “Travian 4.4: New subtitle

  1. Why do we need to have a new name for the game? Travian Kingdoms was obviously named Kingdoms and not 5 because it’s not Travian. T4.4 should be called Travian 4.4, because it is Travian. TK is not Travian.

    The equivalent of this would be Bungie asking for fans to offer a new name for Halo because they released an additional version called Halo Reach. But they didn’t, because they knew Reach was not really Halo — just as Kingdoms is not really Travian.

    • Hey Veteran, if that’s how you feel about this, then voice your opinion in the thread in your forum. Who knows? If the majority of players shares your opinion the final result might be: The name for Travian 4.4 stays Travian 4.4 Cheers, Stefan

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