What did the people of ancient Rome eat? Get the answer in our newest blog article: The cuisine of ancient Rome

The cuisine of ancient Rome

You don’t fight well on an empty stomach – that’s of course also true in Travian. But what did the people of ancient Rome eat anyway? Cooking was an art in ancient times, because it took a lot… Read More

Travian Tournament 2015

Today we have an important announcement concerning the Travian Tournament for you.

Well-known sayings: Varus

The tribes of Travian have left their mark on our civilization!

Travian 4.4: New subtitle

After Travian Kingdoms got it’s own subtitle, Travian 4.4 is a bit jealous. In order to be fair to the whole Travian universe, we want to give Travian 4.4 a subtitle of it’s own as you probably already saw… Read More