Announcement: Travian: Kingdoms Open-Beta

Dear Travian players,

We can tell from your emails, posts and comments that many of you are already looking forward to this announcement. The time has come: The Open Beta of Travian: Kingdoms is about to start.

With a total of three Open Beta servers, we will enter the finishing straight towards the game’s official launch. The servers will start on two separate dates. First, the Russian Open Beta server will start on 11th March. A week later on 18th March, the German and COM servers will follow.

Take part in writing a new chapter in the history of Travian with us! You can reach the servers at from the days mentioned. So let’s get those Swords, Clubbies and Phalanxes ready for battle. Here’s to a good Open Beta start and a successful round!

Are you going to play the Travian: Kingdoms Open Beta and have an alliance already? Leave us a comment!

72 Comments on “Announcement: Travian: Kingdoms Open-Beta

    • Hi meow,

      sorry, there will be no “.us” beta server.
      But you can play on “.com” 🙂

      Kind regards,

    • Hi DESSS,

      i think it it 🙂 We had to rename “T5” to “Travian: Kingdoms” 🙂

      Kind regards,

  1. played the closed beta found it very entertaining and amazing grafix, thanks travian for 11 years of enjoyment, may it long continue

    • Hi Limone,

      the exact starting time isn’t fix at the moment.
      But we will announce it in time.

      Kind regards,

  2. I hope you can make also on android or play store apps. I’ve been waiting the game on plays store and I’m sure you can beat the clash of clan games and I’m sure travian games will rules on all android games

    • Hi Mervin,

      thank you for your commentation. There will be an Android app, too 🙂

      Kind regards,

    • The good news is: you will be able to participate!

      Once the servers open, you can join, there’s no need for a key or something like that. That’s the fun in an Open Beta 🙂


  3. 1) Is it going to be x3 or x1 ?
    2) When will pre-registration open ?
    3) What about the mobile app for ios ? When we can download it ? It’s going to be free right ?

    I am really excited about this open beta. Hopefully the a speed server will start after the 1.Jun.15 😀
    Wish us luck people.

    Best regards, T

  4. does there any arabic world will be released in the final beta (not this one) ?
    why the COM starting time isn’t fixed yet ?
    the COM most be the important world because it allow all players from any where and with english interface
    every body can understand it .

    best wishes for travian to dominate over online games and mobile apps

    • i think the final release will have same languages (domains) as now
      but not sure tho
      u seem to know english very good , why do u want arabic server ? u can use google page translation

  5. Hi,

    I’m searching more info about this new tk open server. But the site ( are not updated yet? There we can read “enter closed beta” or something as it… but no one info about pre registration on open beta or any data, or date.

    the time are comming and I do not know where go. Oh God… :/

    • Hi Sulla,

      there will be no preregistration for the open beta.
      We will tell the start time to all of you. Since that time you will be able to register an play our open beta 🙂

      Kind regards,

  6. I want to play travian kingdoms.if it’s need a beta key please send one to my
    Regard, Ciprian!!!
    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Ciprian,

      you won’t need a key to play the open beta.
      Just register and play. But you have to wait until the server start 🙂
      We will announce the starting time soon.

      Kind regards,

    • Hi T,

      there is no specific date known yet.
      We hope it will be very soon but i can not promise it 🙁

      Kind regards,

  7. Hello!

    Are there any plans to make an app for Windows Phone?
    Is Travian Kingdoms playable on a mobile browser (does it require any extensions)?

    • Hey kd, at this point there are no plans to make an app for Windows phones. You will be able to access the game through the mobile browser version, though. Cheers, Stefan

      • Unfortunately you can’t play on a smart phone till you have completed the tutorial on a desktop

        But I can access the desktop versions of most sites on my mobile but not travians

  8. you didn’t see this or you offence me

    ” red john
    7. March 2015
    does there any arabic world will be released in the final beta (not this one) ?
    why the COM starting time isn’t fixed yet ?
    the COM most be the important world because it allow all players from any where and with english interface
    every body can understand it .

    best wishes for travian to dominate over online games and mobile apps ”

    is there some any racism because am an arabic guy
    you answered all question except mine
    you just ignore and disrespect me
    but thanks

    • Hi red john,

      sorry it seems that your comment has been overseen by myself. That has nothing to do with any kind of racial prejudices.
      So here are the answers to your questions:
      There will be no standalone arabic open beta server for Travian: Kingdoms.
      But it’s planned to add arabic servers (with arabic interface) after the final release, too.
      The starting time of the open beta servers (RU, COM and GER) isn’t fixed yet. The open beta servers will start during the 18th of March. The fixed starting time will be announced by us separate via all social media channels and the forum.

      I hope i could answer all of your questions 🙂
      If not feel free to ask me again.

      Kind regards,

    • After reading your offensive comments. You really bring disgrace to the Arabic world as followers of peace. You seem to be looking for a fight instead of just reposting in case he missed it…. he missed several.

    • Hi T,

      the russian open beta server will start at 2 pm german time (4 pm russian time). 🙂

      Kind regards,

      • Hi andreas,

        About the server start at 16pm on rus, is this time Coreect? Has left some minutes to strat and at now we bave no one oficial announcement about the start on blog or facebook page. I try access with no sucess , I guess if this will start today..

        • Hi Tiago,

          registration should be possible from 4pm russian time on. 🙂
          The announcement will follow on FB and the blog.

          Kind ergards,

    • Hi doni,

      if you can read cyrillic letters you’re welcome to join the russian open beta server.
      But you can not change the language on that server.

      Kind regards,

      • thanks, trying to start to play but cant get there,already activated my e-mail,thinking that server is overloaded..

  9. hi.
    is there any update about what time tomorrow the .com server will start?

    It would help to know 🙂



    • Hey Bart, you don’t need one. Today, when the server will go live, you just register and start to play. Cheers, Stefan

    • Hey Mayank, we will post an announcement within the next three hours. Super excited, too 🙂 Cheers, Stefan

  10. the english open beta seems to be down.
    I have an account on both the english and the german one, but for the lat 40 hours or so I have been unable to log into the english one. the portal keeps sending me to Ks1 de. When I try to report the problem I get an error message also

    Can you fix it please?

    Thank you

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