Travian: Kingdoms – How to chief

As many players of the Closed Beta of our latest Travian version have asked us for more detailed information about chiefing in the game, we’ve prepared the answers to your questions below:


In general, the requirements of chiefing aren’t different to the T4.4 version. To chief a village, you need an Academy at level 20, a level 5 Rally Point and a Residence or Palace at level 10 or 20 (also level 15 for the Palace). Furthermore, a free expansion slot is required, in order to be able to research and train one of the valuable conquest units.  


Once this is done and you have at least one Chieftain/Senator/Chief in your possession, you can get started. Chiefing a village essentially works in the same way in the new Travian version as it does in T4.4. You send your troops and conquest unit to the enemy’s village/city, so that following the destruction of the Residence/Palace there, your Chieftain/Senator/Chief can lower the village’s loyalty until it reaches 0 and it changes ownership.

Possible difficulties

Having said that, it won’t be quite as easy to chief a village as it is in T4.4. The doubled loyalty of cities requires some changes to the planning and execution of chiefing attacks. A solid mix of normal attacks and scouting is the solution here. It allows you to detect the reconstruction of the Residence early on and to send Catapults to counter the enemy’s efforts.

It won’t only get harder for the attacker though. Defending a village/city won’t be quite as easy either. Tablets of Law, which can be used in T4.4 to increase loyalty, won’t be around in Travian: Kingdoms. So a new defense strategy needs to be developed. Depending on the type of attacker you are facing, just putting your defenses in line in-between chiefing attacks may not always be as effective as in T4.4.

What do you think about chiefing in Travian: Kingdoms? Has it led you to rethink your old strategies, or have you still been able to  work the good old tactics? Leave us a comment.


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  1. When you play travian alot you soon realize that chiefing isnt a tool to conquer – its a tool to savotage. There are three ways to get rid of an enemy sweep/hammer. 1; 0pop the village where the troops are built, 2, kill the troops, 3, chief the village. Once you play some hard opponents you will experience neither of these are hard to pull of, and i think you’ve only made it harder. Making 7 chiefs hit at the same second was hard, making 14 hit the same second is impossible. This gives a defender the chance to cut the attacks that fall behind and its near impossible to use chiefing as a strategy of war. What do you think about this?

  2. There is a reason the most elite players left when T4 came out. From the looks of things, I see no reason to return either.

  3. I dont understand why the Travian devolpment hates offense so much. I stopped playing since t3, but i since returned to try out t4.4
    It seems they are further working to open travian up to more casual players by making defensive play much stronger than offensive play. However, all they are achieving is alienating the elite travian scene (which are the ones spending money on the game)
    In all the skype conversations i have been in, everyone is saying that they wont be playing kingdoms, and probably not playing travian at all after its released.

    The travian development team has failed to actually listen to their users and what they want. I of course dont have access to financial statistics and i might be completely off. But if they continue down this road they will be left with an empty game. The elite scene are usually the ones that make everything happen in game. They make the alliances, organize World wonders and all interesting operations. Also since the In game tutorial sucks so bad, they are the ones easing new players into the game through Skype conversations.

    Travian is a legendary browser game, but if it continues alienating the elite users that make stuff happen on the servers. They will end up with dead servers where nothing happens. This can be observed on nearly all scandinavian servers where the servers are basically dead because all the elite players have stopped playing.


  4. bah humbug sounds like an elitist snob. I am sure travian is better off if he keeps his word and stays away.

  5. Hey all,

    To be on topic, never used chiefs in all my travian years. I actualy enjoy more the start of the servers than the end of them. Having more than 2 cities is a bit too much for me :).

    And about the other stuff. Ppl tent to be more casual in nature as they grow up as individuals. The elite players you are talking about that played vanila travian like 5-10 years ago are now working ppl with families of their own. And the new ppl have so many games to chose from that if the game won;t be apealing from the first few hours they will proly quit. This is why i belive offering the new comers some way to defent against the veterans ain’t such a bad idea.

    As for travian kingdoms. I love the new graphic aproach. As a front-end developer i would sugest to simplify the interface a bit tho. Bigger buttons would proly do for start (trying to make then fewer it;s even better).

    My problem so far testing the russian open beta as a teuton was the high number of protection days for the governors. Teutons rely on attacking for early development and when u can only attack the active kings that is a handicap for the teuton players. I expect the % of ppl who play teutons to drop after the beta if the same protection policy will remain.

    That beeing said, forgive my poor english skills. I am not a native.


    1. Please forgive me if I say that you do not fit into a real Travian family from your own words.
      To say that ‘Having more than 2 cities is a bit too much for me :)’ shows that you are a novice or playing for just a time-pass.

      When I started playing Travian about 10 years back I was a family man and I still play 2/3 servers at a time.
      So, having a family does not deter most of the players from continuing the game – though some may drop out.

      I agree that the graphics are good inTK, but bigger buttons/cursors are welcome.

      Regarding ‘Teutons rely on attacking for early development ‘ and their disadvantage I do not agree at all.
      Let us first see the tribe advantages :
      Teutons – the Club is the cheapest and more can trained easily in the beginning. also they can dip into the cranny for more loot.
      Romans – they are more powerful and more expensive.
      Gauls – they are most adaptable and more secure.
      Now my doubt is, ” how can the protection days (same for all) affect only one tribe?” especially if you started on day one of the server.
      The game play is to train more troops from your own production till the period is over. During the period all tribes produce the same amount of resources (more or less), but Teutons produce more Clubs – that is the advantage they get for raiding over others.

      Just for info – So far NO Teuton has got away with loot in the beginning of the server.
      In other servers also % of Gauls has increased for obvious reasons.

      One last word – this is a WAR GAME not meant for casual snobs. They can go and play “FarmVille”, etc.


    2. I also have to emphasize this: The governors’ BP is too long. Not for Teutons only, it is soooo long for all the tribes.

  6. Everything changes.

    I play Travian since v3. And it’s alread the best browser game I have played. Here are some considerations:

    1. Protection time is huge. I’m main Gaul, but I know this protection time hurts Teutons a lot.
    2. Top players make the game. All that happen in a server is commanded by top players. Is not fun on a server with no wars. You need to valorize the aggressiveness.
    3. Reduce the map size to make the servers more intense.
    4. War for croops, war for artfacts, war for monuments… I think you can add another variable to make the servers active. How about mercenaries camp?
    5. Reduce the size of the alliances to 40 players and remove the federations. I pratical wiew, the entire server is divided by 3 or 4 big allies… I think with more allies running for world monument the game will be a lot more fun.
    6. I miss a technology tree to differentiate my strategy. It’s good that every player could improve your army/city/trading in some different ways.

    1. Now my doubt is, ” how can the protection days (same for all) affect only one tribe?” especially if you started on day one of the server.
      The game play is to train more troops from your own production till the period is over. During the period all tribes produce the same amount of resources (more or less), but Teutons produce more Clubs – that is the advantage they get for raiding over others.

      So if the protection is longer Teutons get additional Clubs to get additional loot. It is just delayed for a while

      1. Teutons produce more clubs – however, gauls get to build TTs during the same period, and the Teutons’ advantage suddenly isn’t so big.

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