Start of the Travian: Kingdoms Open Beta Server

A big moment for the Travian universe! In just a few minutes the Travian: Kingdoms Open Beta will start with the Russian server. The German server, as well as the international one, will go live in a week from today.



6 thoughts on “Start of the Travian: Kingdoms Open Beta Server

  1. is it only me who cant start play the game on ru server,trying to open window to select tribe and nothing happens,allready registered and activated my acc

  2. I expected to find an upgraded, refreshed new Travian version. What I found was a crappy, still buggy, boring waiting game with bad visuals and terrible sound effects. Even worse than T4.
    It seems there’s a lot to learn from more successful games. Take C&C Tiberium Alliances for example:
    You can spend 2min twice per day on the game and be just as successful as the best, most dedicated player. Build/upgrade/rearrange structures, attack, move bases whereever you like on the map, research, communicate,… all without waiting.
    In Travian success means 24/7 activity, which makes it a “game” either for bots or for people living on a hospital bed. That’s right, in regard to bots C&C TA has no reason to fight 3rd party tools, instead it embraces them and even provides an API. Or just look at Clash of Clans.

  3. Hi Andreas.

    Although I read the notes on the “Kingdom” version with some interest, I’d be more eager to retry the “Ancient Europe” version of Travian.
    Any chance you guys can restart a couple of those as well (even if only in some countries)?


    1. Hey Pepe, no news on that yet, but the chances are good that there will be another round of Ancient Europe this year.

  4. Ok registered

    Can’t play mobile version till I complete the tutorial but can’t find play the tutorial on a mobile. Thanks for pointing that out before I registered so I imagine its going to be as bad as t4 on a smart phone

    thought I’d give it a try as the 3.6 classic will end soon and I wount play t4 as its a terrible game. Looks like I’m be playing a mobile friendly rivals game again

    Smart phones and tablets are very popular and give the player more freedom to log in and play, if you want player activity then that’s the route you should be looking at

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