Travian: Kingdoms starts Open Beta!


At this very moment Travian: Kingdoms starts the open beta on the servers DE and COM.

The Russian players startet exactly one week ago. As current “Travian world champions” this was an honor they rightfully earned. On the Russian server, Travian: Kingdoms is a great success. More players are currently active in Travian: Kingdoms than on any other T4 live server. So far we encountered no errors or serious bugs.

Especially the last fact is a merit of our great testers from the alpha and closed beta versions. Sincere thanks to all of you from your Travian team.

Now have fun with Travian: Kingdoms. Register at and get started right away. To the swords!

11 Comments on “Travian: Kingdoms starts Open Beta!

  1. i registered with email on ru , and now can i register on new email for com ? on the same ip address ? or will i get banned ?

  2. Hi, I registered on the open Beta, and logged in with Facebook.
    How do I get my dual to log in on the same account??

    Greetings from Holland

  3. I liked the way attacks on kingdom/ally is visible on map. That’s really cool. Also: ally inner top. Nice feature.
    The bugs: on IPad it’s impossible to sent conversation messages, button is not visible. Also, task “reinforce oasis” is never completed. Also: login never redirects to village after providing credentials (neither on ipad nor on pc), even after clicking the redirect button. However, after refreshing the start page and after once again clicking “go to RU1”, redirection completes fine, as you don’t have to provide credentials this time.
    Still much to learn about this version, which is a bit frustrating sometimes. Various questions arise (isn’t there a possibility to help managing village of friend’s account? How to leave an alliance? etc), which is normal.. Maybe..

    • Redirection to a village now works fine, thanks for the fix.
      And, as my ally members pointed out, sitters can be assigned in Lobby. Almost impossible to find when needed, but it’s there, so no problem.

  4. hi
    i’m playing in the com2 kingdom travian server. its impossiblle to send massages so i’m trying here 🙂

    i have 2 problams
    1. for 2 days i cant send new massages to you . when i press the send butten nothing happens.
    2. 2 days ago i sudenlly got -2 adventures points. how can it be?
    [maybe there was an error when i got 2 adventure points after finishing 30 adventures in the quest book]


    vovi – dorons

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