Dear Travian players,

In the games industry there are companies with slogans like “By gamers for gamers”. Here at Travian Games, we don’t have such a slogan, this idea is deeply rooted in our DNA. We develop our games for you. We play our games with you.

Travian players are remarkable in many ways. Not only do they spend countless hours playing Travian, but at the same time they live the game with a dedication that regularly amazes us and makes us very happy. In our Munich offices, you can often hear people say: “Our players are our most important feature.”

How deeply you get immersed in the strategy, how closely you work together with your alliances, often for many years, while building real friendships on the way, goes a long way to show your dedication. We feel incredibly honored whenever we get to hear such stories.

We take your posts in our forums, our blog and conversations with you very seriously. Here we would like to particularly stress the support of our committed Alpha and Closed Beta testers.

It is because of that feedback, that we have decided not to publish the new Travian as Travian V. You have made it very clear that the tested new version of Travian is an amazing addition to the Travian universe, but that you don’t quite see it as a successor to Travian 4.4. For you the game is something completely new, completely different.

The former Travian V will hence become a stand-alone version, which from now on is called Travian: Kingdoms. This of course also means that Travian: Kingdoms will run alongside Travian 4.4. The development of Travian 4.4 and new features will continue. The development teams around Travian’s creator Gerhard Müller will continue to work on Travian: Kingdoms and develop additional versions, which are bound to increase the strategic gaming experience of the Travian universe on the highest level.

We would like to thank all our players, who help us with their feedback to make this game even more awesome!

Your Travian Team

17 Comments on “Renaming

  1. Seeing as how the T5 (I guess we can call that TK now) development team is 3x the size of the T4 development team, I don’t foresee TG putting much emphasis on T4’s future. Along with that, players like me are going to gravitate toward T4 instead of TK, and TK will probably be where the passive simmers play. That will suck farms and fodder out of T4 and eventually kill the game.

    Every good aggressive (offensive or defensive) player I’ve spoken to about the kingdoms system says it ruins the game. I hope T4 intends to put as much effort into future Travian versions as they have put in to Travian Kingdoms.

    • Hey Veteran. The phrase “stay tuned” is used far too often, but in this case it is probably the best answer. The dev team is determined to treat both versions with the same attention moving forward. Cheers, Stefan

  2. Hi,

    I don’t know how this players see the new T5 ( tk) around the world, but I cannot see this changes a this same form. Is good keep the original model alive running aside the TK, but, maybe have a litte mistake here… many players desire Travian in version Classic, or T3 – T3.6, not the actually T4.4.

    maybe run back is impossible, and open Classic servers, T4 and Tk on same time isnt good, but I need to left here my point.

  3. Well I for one am very glad than you are not going forward with T5/TK. I personally thought it stunk to high heaven. You need to put more effort into T4s and get them better.

  4. Quando explanarem a ideia em portugês, ou uma tradução que se entenda, farei o meu comentário com todo o prazer.

  5. maybe make 1server for iranian player in travian5?
    i promise you if travian team make 1 server for iranian player have more than 30000 player on that server

    and if answer not? why not? tell me just why?

    • Hi Sahand,

      there will be no iran servers because we got several problems with the payment provider.
      Because of that we decided to cancel iran servers.

      Kind regards,

  6. in iran more of people have visa card or some thing like this
    realy this is not problem
    and travian team can open 1 server like this

  7. We know that the game is set and the first Eras of our calendar (Roman Age) but at the same time the Samurai were there in the East would be good to incorporate those brave warriors, considering the 6,000 million between China and Japan that would add to taste.

  8. Hi,

    I would also like to see new tribes 🙂 Like Persians and Samurai!

    I also think you shouldn’t have so many servers. On .com 4x normal speed, 1x speed, 1 Classic 3.6 and champ servera is enough. Then add 1 or 2 of your new model TK and it would be just fine.
    Also some future updates on the farm list would be nice. Make it easier to move farms to other lists and also easier to scout on the map. I made a post about this in the forum 🙂

    Thomas aka Croco

  9. Hi,

    I also recommend what Thomas Suggested, decreasing numbers of severs on com domain will probably bring back the old travian we all miss. (simply, more populated servers).

    George aka Puca

  10. Hi all!
    They are must need decress number of the servers. I would like only .com servers with 10-15k active pepple without gold accounts. It will be fun for everyone again. 3 speed servers 12 normal servers 1 clasic server

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