New Travian, new graphic style

Many of you have been able to test the new Travian version in the Alpha and Closed Beta. Already in the Alpha, players have noticed a change in the graphic style of the Travian interface. In this early version, most of that was of course only suggestive and preliminary – and partly even displayed using old graphics. In the Closed Beta, the graphic design has once again been thoroughly revised and partly renewed. As there are many players, who have not yet had the luck of trying out the new Travian, we would like to introduce you to the new graphic style.


The tutorial

As soon as players start the tutorial, they will get a first glimpse of the new graphic style. The main characters, explaining the game to new players, only very remotely resemble Travian 4. Instead of a Chieftain explaining the tasks to the player, an elaborate and nicely illustrated story now takes new players through their first steps of the game.


The hero

The appearance of the hero can also not be compared with T4. The hero looks more mature and can be individually matched to the relevant tribe. That makes playing a certain tribe more authentic for a player. But not only has the hero been revised. The hero items have also undergone a makeover. They have been adapted to the era in which Travian is set.

The troops

Besides the item icons, the troop icons in battle reports, as well as the images of troops in the training facilities have also been completely revised. The style of the “figureheads” of troops has been adjusted according to their battle behavior. Offensive troops now appear much more offensive in their nature, while defensive troops appear more passive. All in all, the troops now appear more dynamic and mature – while still retaining their Travian charm    

KeulenschwingerSchwertkämpfer Theutates BlitzFeuerkatapult






The map

The map now appears in deep green. This amplifies the contrast of villages, oases and empty fields. Oases are now also displayed with more realistic icons. The markings of kingdoms, allies, as well as enemies can now easily be seen by the clear kingdom borders, or, in the case of enemies, a deep red mark. Ongoing attacks on allied villages will also be displayed on the map with red (enemy players) or gray (robbers) arrows around the village under attack.

The changing buildings

A new feature of the buildings is that they will change their look as they are upgraded. A Main Building, for example, will transform from a little hut at level one to an impressive building with an annex at level 20.

Do you like the new graphic style so far? Is it an important and positive element of the Travian game play for you? Leave us a comment.

25 Comments on “New Travian, new graphic style

    • Hi OK,

      the native mobile app is still in progress and is deployed independent to the normal game developement.

      Kind regards,

  1. Looks really well. I would like that the were more types of civilization (for example Egyptian, Iberians, Greeks, British, Carthaginians…)

    • Hi Colin,

      We couldn’t give you an exact date when the open beta will start. But it will be soon.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hey. The game looks great so far, and I can’t wait to play it (especially on mobile!) Please tell the art team to keep up the good work 😀

  3. Wow man can you guys just make an option to make it look like T3.6. Those were the best servers and if the amount of players that played then isnt enough of a sign. How about the fact it looks like its aimed for pre-teens now.

  4. Hi there! I’m a native polish guy, but I live in Italy and I traveled a lot in the Europe. I studied that the Roman Emperor made many decisions based on the religious previsions, like the barbarian German tribes and the druidic cult. I suggest to introduce also the classic cult to improve the realism. Also remember about the particular materials that were used in construction. For exemple, the marble were used instead of stone in South Roman Emperor (like Naples or Pompei). Or remember the different kind of grains that grew in Germany. It should be nice to see how our little villages passes from using rudimental resources into luxurious one. Greetings and wishing you of best luck! 🙂

  5. I played travian about 5 years ago. Is there a way to view the game in the older version. I realize it wasn’t as pretty and such, but I found it easier to manage. 🙂

    • Hey Joseph, currently there are only T4.4 and TK versions of the game live. We will announce it through all our channels, when any other version will be available. Cheers, Stefan

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