New blog

Finally it’s finished: The┬áTravian blog shines in new splendor and is also now available in a third language. Why the new design and language? Let’s consider one thing at a time.

The new design

Since the old blog’s design wasn’t in line with our new Travian web page, we’ve decided to spruce up the blog. The decision to go for the “new” blog wasn’t only based on the confusing blog roll that made finding older articles almost impossible. That and the clear layout make for a greatly improved reading experience in our view.

Not only does the blog offer a clearer layout, it also allows us to perfectly integrate our social media channels for you. You will see all news about Travian at a glance. Besides the improved integration, an optimized display of entries, particularly of pictures, is another bonus. On the old blog, they were displayed either too large or small. The entry pictures will now appear in a uniform size. All of this should guarantee you a much more comfortable and clearer reading experience.

The new language

Not only has the blog’s appearance changed: From today, blog entries will also be posted in Russian. The Russian Travian community consists of a huge number of very enthusiastic and loyal players. In order to make them feel at home on the Travian blog, Russian has been included as the third language. We can imagine adding more languages to the blog in the future, though a final decision has not yet been made.


Many of you may have already been wondering why their comments are not visible on the new blog. Unfortunately, we have not been able to import the comments in the new design. A manual move of them, which had also been discussed, was eventually declined due to the sheer amount of work that would have been required. You do, of course, still have the chance to comment on the blog entries and we will reply to those comments as quickly as possible.

Do you have any comments or suggestions for improvements to the blog? If so, please write a comment.

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