T5 Beta Chronicles: The Wonder of the World!

Now that my account has survived the Christmas holidays and New Year, the time has come. The Wonders of the World have appeared and the Closed Beta is now in the endgame phase. The battle for the all-important Natar villages is about to start.

Hardly any resistance

But before the largest alliances send their huge armies to fight each other, the chosen Wonder of the World villages first need to be cleared and conquered. Thinking back to T4 with the masses of defense in those villages, it won’t be an easy task. While we were told that in the Closed Beta there will only be 20% of the regular troop count in them, it’s still always better to double-check how many troops there really are. Even before I can send off my 2.6k Scouts, the first alliance scouting report regarding the Natars’ troop strength has already arrived. I get a surprise when I open the report, because after all, I had expected more defense. But that’s even better for the offense players though, as they can save their armies for the opponents’ Wonders of the World.Bildschirmfoto-2015-01-24-um-12.02.31

Initial conquest

Only a short time after the scouting report has been shared with the alliance, planning towards conquering different Wonders of the World ensues in the alliance chat. There’s internal agreement to first conquer the WW at 22|45. The main focus here: Planning the attacks in a way that none of us will lose our armies to our own troops. No sooner said than done.Bildschirmfoto-2015-01-24-um-12.04.01“alb” is the first to conquer a Wonder of the World for our alliance. They are followed by “Judith” and “Gaspo” with another one each. At the end of the day, four of the seven Wonders of the World remain unoccupied, while our alliance now holds the remaining three of them. That’s sure to change soon.

All Wonders of the World are in players’ hands

Bildschirmfoto-2015-01-24-um-12.10.11As I check my account the next day, almost all Wonders of the World have been taken over by players. Our biggest enemy, the “xtools” have two, “TR-WW” one and “~TOP~” have one as well. Ranks one to three are however still occupied by us, the “SAMURAI”. There are no changes in the ranking over the course of the day, but it seems to me that Wonders of the World are being upgraded faster than usual. Weird, but that might just be my Bildschirmfoto-2015-01-24-um-12.06.43imagination playing tricks on me. Anyway, after celebrating the conquest of three Wonders of the World, I’m going back to increasing my army size, in order to then attack an enemy WW. Of course not right away. I’m going to wait until it has reached level 30. Otherwise the attack would barely be worth it.

What do you think of the limit to seven Wonders of the World that are visible on the map right from the start? Does this change make planning easier for you? Write us a comment!

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  1. i cant remember. i think it was dat one wit yo last T5 stuff. i save yo articles on my pocket app and read dem later when i hav time. i just lookd at it n saved to pocket.

    • Had a great time on the server. T5 is now my new favorite server (over T2.5). Really looking forward to next startup..

      Congrats to Samurai on their win. You deserved it.

      aka The-Rat (Borg II)

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