T5 Beta Chronicles: Troops, troops, troops

Last week’s changes are showing good initial results, so I can move my focus back to training troops. I’m no longer missing out on upgrading my villages either and so they are growing again, even if in small steps. The endgame with the Wonders of the World is drawing closer. So it is essential to bring my troop count to the max and also ensure, at least partly, the supply of my army.

The negative

The negative crop is growing and has long hit the 10,000 mark. With my crop supply and the hero adventures that end with resources most of the time, this doesn’t bother me that much. Clubbies, Teutonic Knights and Catapults are in continuous training. Each resource that is left over from upgrading my other villages is immediately sent to my capital village. Because, despite the village upgrades, my main focus is still on the troops.


NPC trades

Of course – usually in the evenings and at night – there is no way around using the NPC merchant to secure my crop supplies. As I train Clubbies, Teutonic Knights and Catapults, there’s always some iron left in the Warehouse. I then quickly exchange that for crop. You could say: “Why the NPC? Just use the Marketplace to trade, so someone else might benefit from it, too.” You’re right, this way of exchanging resources is a waste of Gold, since, especially just before the start of the endgame, there is an abundance of crop at the Marketplace. However, the delivery times are just too long for me and I’m just a somewhat impatient player. So I take to the NPC merchant, which, between you and me, is my only “Gold expense”.


Little slob

The week is looking good and I’m waiting for 15,000 and 20,000 negative crop. Unfortunately, things don’t quite work out like that. I forgot to check my crop levels on Thursday evening, so on Friday, I made a terrible discovery – yet again. The missing crop led to the death of about 3,000 Clubbies. I’m even more angry with myself than the first time this happened two weeks ago. How on earth could I have forgotten about the crop? It’s just absurd. Based on that fact, I set up an alarm that will now remind me every day at 11pm to check crop levels and NPC trade if necessary. I hope that’s enough to finally bring an end to these gross mistakes.helmet4_1 I can be lucky my hero found a helmet on one of its last adventures. This helmet reduces the training time in the Barracks by a whole 17%. So I should have soon made up for my losses. And my army will be big enough in time for the Wonders of the World to cause massive damage to my enemies.

Preparations for the Wonders of the World


Even in the alliance everyone is looking forward to the endgame and the Wonders of the World. It is hotly debated, which WW villages should be conquered and where to settle new villages. Conquest targets in close proximity of the Natar villages, which are still covered in clouds, are also identified and assigned among those willing to conquer them. The “run” for the WWs and the planning has already reached an extremely high level a week before the Wonders of the World will appear. I personally am still holding back, since a WW village would mean a very time-consuming role, which I don’t currently dare to take on, even though a range of sitters would be willing to check on my account with me.

What do you think about the amount of time required when owning a WW village? Does it increase greatly, or is it the same amount you are already putting into your account just now? Write us a comment.

Until the next episode.

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