T5 Beta Chronicles: Changes

The sloppy work of the last week still hangs above my account like the sword of Damocles. While I have started to retrain the starved troops, training isn’t ever going to be the same as before. I have no idea why that is. I need to make some changes.

Adjustment to trade routes


I start with the analysis of my account, which still only has three villages. This is mainly due to my extensive training of troops, since nearly all of the villages’ resources are delivered to my capital village. These resources are then of course missing in those villages when it comes to upgrades. In order to upgrade my other villages, too, I adjust my trade routes, which currently run twice every hour, so that they only run twice every two hours. That should ease the scarcity of resources in those villages.

Upgrading capacity

warehousegranaryOnce that’s done, I upgrade the capacity in my capital village. The storages should hold 300k resources in my capital village. Thankfully there’s still enough space. So I begin with simultaneously upgrading the Warehouse and Granary and also fill the three master builder slots with such construction orders. That should prevent the overflowing of resources for now, so that I can shift focus to troop production once again.

But I don’t just upgrade my storages. I also improve the Trade Offices in the other villages. Especially since the battle for the Wonders of the World is drawing ever closer and I require the increased merchant capacity both for supporting the WW with crop while also supplying my own troops. Here, too. I fill all available construction slots as far as my resources allow.tradeoffice

Recapturing oases

Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-10 um 13.09.55After the first load of changes is complete, I now focus on my valuable crop oases. Looks like someone dared to push me from rank one to rank three in the oasis. This needs to change, as there is a massive difference between receiving a 25% bonus ( about 3.6k crop/h) or a 15% bonus (about 2.2k crop/h). I heavily rely on those crops, so there is only one solution: a massive shift of forces to the oases. 10,000 Clubbies should be enough for that one oasis.

The changes and readjustments soon pay out noticably and the training queues of my troops are growing and growing. So we can move forward towards the endgame and the Wonders of the World.

What do you think about the new oases system? Are you struggling to stand your ground and secure a bonus? Write us a comment.

Until then.

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