T5 Beta Chronicles: The Great Dying

Bildschirmfoto-2014-12-27-um-16.31.47The ninth week of the Closed Beta started great. Farms give me the resources which I put immediately in expanding my three villages. However, building troops remains the most important task in my main village. It’s pretty quiet on the server, even though the final phase lies just ahead. The communication in our alliance is getting better than in the first few stages of the server. This strengthens the sense of our community.

First Problems

Through the chiefing of the niner cropper last week my troops are adequately supplied with enough grain to prevent starving. The traders run continuously and bring the important resources into my main village. But I am starting to be a bit sloppy now and then. In the beginning of the Closed Beta I used to be online every 15 minutes, but now I was offline for a period of three days. The consequences are bad.

The Famine – three days later

Bildschirmfoto-2014-12-27-um-16.30.14I left my account unattended for three days. When I came back into my account I got struck by lightning. During my inactivity none of the other four oasis users had picked up the bonus. And the auto-trader who sent the resources every six hours didn’t help too much. Bildschirmfoto-2014-12-27-um-16.44.06Due to the limited incoming grain shipments the grain scarces and my troops are starving quickly. I am angry about myself and my carelessness.

The Penalty for the sloppiness

Bildschirmfoto-2014-12-27-um-16.41.53But now it’s too late to do anything against that. Many brave troops – mainly clubswingers – have died. And the loss of nearly 6,000 shrunk to just 4,000. I don’t want to continue to recalculate the resources my inactivity has cost me. The only good thing of that situation is simply that I didn’t become a farm. I promise myself to look back in the account more often to prevent such a situation in future.

Are you sloppy from time to time or are you one of the permanent online players? Write it in the comments.

See you.

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