T5 Beta Chronicles: Of Axes, Inactives and Catapults

I can look back on what was a rather successful week and hope this week things will stay that way. The money, or rather the resources, are rolling in and my troop count is going up unstoppably. There are still no attacks to be seen anywhere, so I can use the time to sim a bit. Yet there are some fundamental changes in the account.

Axemen after all


Besides my change in strategy to no longer train Teutonic Knights in a 1:10 ratio to Clubbies, I have researched Axemen and have started mass-training them. Why? Clubswingers are fine and dandy, when you want to produce troops quickly, but they have a great disadvantage when meeting cavalry defenses. Hence the Axemen. They should reduce my losses against larger defensive formations while at the same time greatly increasing my overall battle strength.

The inactive king

tiki-download_fileA lot is also happening in the surroundings closer to my capital village. The king, who took one of the 9-croppers, seems to be inactive. Until recently he was still in my alliance, now he has been kicked and abdicated afterwards. I’ll have to keep an eye on him for some more time, since he has not yet turned “inactive gray”. Should he do that any time soon, I will know what to do: I’ll take his 9-cropper to ensure my crop supplies. Right now it’s negative again.

Help for a friend

While I’m still considering my options, a good friend of mine approaches me and tells me about his trouble with his second village. He is being farmed constantly and would like to see the village vanish from the map, to free up the expansion slot again. Unfortunately, at this point in time, he has not yet got Catapults in his first or third village. So I’m supposed to be helping him out by taking the village off the map. Following brief hesitation – thirteen hours one-way travel is quite something – I send off the first 10 waves against his village. After 13 hours only half of the village remains. Once the troops returned to my village, I ponder whether to send them off once again. In the end I decide not to, because more important targets are waiting for me.

Bildschirmfoto-2014-12-13-um-12.55.03What these targets are, you will find out next Saturday when it’ll once again be time for the Travian T5 Beta Chronicles. By the way, what is your favorite unit in the game and why? Write us a comment!

Until then.

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