T5 Beta Chronicles: Keeping the troops occupied

Week six begins with the calm atmosphere I’m used to. Part of my troops is on vacation in an oasis, in order to keep the status quo of my presence there and to secure me the 25% crop bonus. The plan to annex another crop oasis, situated close to my village, is starting to come into fruition. That would however mean an attack on enemy territory, so for now I will hold back.

10,000 troops

Bildschirmfoto-2014-12-06-um-13.30.33The round is going really well – without any attacks at all. My troop count has now reached an impressive 10k. As training of the Teutonic Knights currently takes place in a 1:10 ratio compared to Clubbies, I will now put greater emphasis on the former. So I’ll only train Knights until I have 10k of them, too. This is going to take some time, but it’s got to be done. I will need to get my hands on many more resources, though.

Reconfiguring the farm list

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-06 um 13.41.12Because my farm lists of inactive players are out of date, it’s time to edit them. Of the once roughly 300 inactives in my farm list, only about 100 still remain. So first of all I delete the old lists and create new ones. The pattern will be the same as at the start. This time, however, I’m using a different tool, about which I read on the T5 forum, to find inactives. The search area? Of course 99 fields around the village in question, as that’s the highest number that can be entered. Now that all inactives are listed, it’s time to get to work. Bildschirmfoto-2014-12-06-um-14.05.57The village names need to be added to the farm list. About two hours later, it’s done and dusted, and I once again have three farm lists with a total of 298 entries. So I activate them all and roughly 900 Clubswingers leave my capital village in the search for resources.

Annoying camps


Robbers’ camps and hideouts also, of course, count towards resource generation and they are appearing in ever closer succession. Since the number of troops in those camps is now rather high, I need to send my whole army every time, in order to make sure I suffer the least possible casualties. The stolen resources and treasures only just make up for the troop losses I’m suffering.

Feedback but no changes after all?

Bildschirmfoto-2014-12-06-um-14.01.43I do, of course, also mention this issue in the current survey. These surveys will eventually lead to changes, if many others have also mentioned this problem. With the surveys, player wishes are directly passed on to the game design department, which is in charge of changes. I’m hoping for the best as I submit the survey and once again send troops out on raids.

Will the new farm lists pay off? Am I going to steal the oasis? Find out all this and more in the next episode of the Travian 5 Beta Chronicles next Saturday. What’s your experience of the surveys? Leave us a comment!

Until then.

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