T5 Beta Chronicles: Chiefing as the only way out

The experience report from the Closed Beta continues. My troop count is growing and crop once again is turning into a scarce resource. The inactive king from last week has not become any more active this week. I need crop. Quick! So the decision is easily made: His village will be chiefed. For that, I do however need to carry out some preparations.


Since I’ve neglected upgrading my Palace – troops were more important to me – the task is now to upgrade that building to level 15, so that I can train a second Chieftain. Chiefing is just so much quicker with two of them. And as we all know, time is money. The required resources for the upgrade to level 15 come from my farms and to a large extent also from my starting village. Unfortunately the upgrades can’t be sped up with Gold, so I’ll just have to wait. About three days later I’m done and the level 15 Palace takes pride of place in my village. As I had researched the Chieftain earlier already, training can commence right away.


While my second Chieftain is being trained, I discuss the planned chiefing with my alliance. Initially, I don’t get any information as to whether the king has quit or maybe is on holiday. Following some frustrating messages in the alliance chat, eventually one of the players, who farms the villages of the inactive king comes online. Unfortunately he doesn’t know the status of the king either. By now this has gone too far, so I start chiefing the 9-cropper.

Scout – attack – scout – attack

UNIT_GERMAN_SCOUTBefore I send my troops to the village unprepared, I do of course require a scout report, including the village’s troop count. No sooner said than done and 2,500 Scouts are on their way. A good hour later and the report is there: There’s not many defenders in the village. So I begin the attack. It takes the Catapults about 50 minutes each way. That’s the Residence gone. I scout again before sending off the second wave, because I have a bad feeling and worry that the former king might be planning defensive action. But even the second scout report shows no changes. Confidently, I can send off the next wave for chiefing.

Finally it’s mine

Slowly but surely loyalty falls to zero. Following the fifth wave, it’s finally done and the village is added to my list. The most exciting moment still lies ahead of me, though. What will the village look like? Is it plastered with Crannies or built up nicely?Bildschirmfoto-2014-12-20-um-15.24.06

Since my account is slightly bigger than that of the defender, a couple of inhabitants will be deducted and the resource fields downgraded to level 9. This isn’t too bad, as the village still produced a nice amount of resources. That ensures a quick reconstruction. Sadly the village center is not quite as I had hoped. There also seems to be no order regarding the placement of buildings. Here it helps to know that I construct all my villages with the same pattern; a habit that stems from the good old T3.6 and T4 times. I ask myself why the buildings can’t just be moved and return to my starting village in order to send the first “care package” of resources to my new support village for reconstruction.

The chiefing worked out with virtually no casualties and my crop supplies are guaranteed again for the time being. Is it going to stay that way or will I have to be on the lookout for new villages again soon? Read about that and more in a new episode of the Beta Chronicles next Saturday.

Which features do you absolutely want to see in T5? Or to put it differently: Which features do you miss? Leave us a comment!

Until then.

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