From the scrolls of Ambiorix 5

Both, Teutons and Romans are armed to their teeth and ready to launch their first strike. The wall in Rome stands tall, however the Teutons have brought countless Catapults from the high north. Furthermore, the Teutons attempted an ambush with the help of an ox made from wood. The Romans found out, though. No blow of a sword has yet been dealt. Tension on both sides is however running high and war could break out at any time.

All good tribes come in… threes

Something is brewing! I, the well-meaning Ambiorix, look down at an innumerable number of Teutonic and Roman troops outside the gates of Rome’s wall. Soon a battle will occur that will go down in history. It’s a good thing our people are keeping their distance from this fight.

The war horns sounded and war began. By Cernunnus! Then a beacon of light could be seen, coming from within the capital. All warriors stopped in amazement and couldn’t look away from the light. Immediately I sent out disguised Scouts to take a closer look at it.

Who knows what kind of godly wonder was occurring in front of our eyes, but none of the troops has since moved. The Scouts returned and were able to enlighten me: A local cleric told them that in Rome’s Treasury an age-old spell is hidden, that causes world peace as soon as it’s spoken. As festive days for all tribes have been announced, peace came into effect just in time!

There could have been no better time for the soldiers than now. By the Gods, they have shown mercy today. Our village decided to pay Rome a visit.

All’s well that ends well

We all decided to celebrate the largest thanksgiving party in Rome the world has ever seen. Everyone from the surrounding villages was invited to join the thanksgiving celebrations with all the mead, Mulsum and food they could bring.

Instead of a great battle that would have resulted in many casualties, the story of the great celebration of peace between the three tribes is now being passed on from generation to generation. The celebrations lasted for many days, possibly even a whole week. Even the Natars came to visit once they heard about the free food and drink. As a gift, they brought bards with them, singing the very apt: “Kids and grown-ups love it so – with peace in Rome it’s better, too!”

* Latin for “I want peace, hence I prepare for war.”

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