Travian Late Night Show 7

In the seventh episode of our Travian Late Night show it’s all about the new T5-Reporter, the Travian V closed beta and a new feature in T4.4. In addition to that there will be news and a little… Read More

T5 Beta Chronicles: The Great Dying

The ninth week of the Closed Beta started great. Farms give me the resources which I put immediately in expanding my three villages. However, building troops remains the most important task in my main village. It’s pretty quiet… Read More

Merry Christmas !

Travian wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas!

T5 Beta Chronicles: Chiefing as the only way out

The experience report from the Closed Beta continues. My troop count is growing and crop once again is turning into a scarce resource. The inactive king from last week has not become any more active this week. I… Read More

T5 Beta Chronicles: Of Axes, Inactives and Catapults

I can look back on what was a rather successful week and hope this week things will stay that way. The money, or rather the resources, are rolling in and my troop count is going up unstoppably. There… Read More

Mysterious picture taken at Travian Headquarter

What are these three guys going to do LateNight at Travian HQ in Munich?

Tea@Three: Rachit

Today we introduce the player Rachit from India. He is our next person in the new round of Travian Tea@Three. He sent us some pictures from his account and hisself, too, so he will get a chieftain statue… Read More

Travian V: Graphics and Sound

Besides bug-fixes, the latest update also saw the implementation of a new look and sound in the Closed Beta of Travian V.

From the scrolls of Ambiorix 5

Both, Teutons and Romans are armed to their teeth and ready to launch their first strike. The wall in Rome stands tall, however the Teutons have brought countless Catapults from the high north. Furthermore, the Teutons attempted an… Read More

T5 Beta Chronicles: Keeping the troops occupied

Week six begins with the calm atmosphere I’m used to. Part of my troops is on vacation in an oasis, in order to keep the status quo of my presence there and to secure me the 25% crop… Read More