Travian V Alpha has ended

It’s 11/11/2014, 12:29 am CET. Following weeks of fierce battle and fear, the Wonder of the World was upgraded to level 50. The Alpha is now over. But how did the final weeks of the Alpha progress? Was there still any action, as the Closed Beta was running simultaneously and many Alpha players also started playing on that server? Here’s an overview.stat_eog_alpha

About three weeks ago, the Wonder of the World villages, seven in total, on the T5 Alpha server were unlocked. It didn’t take long for the first Wonder of the World villages to be conquered while the construction of crucial infrastructure was running at full speed. It was clear right from the start that this was going to be a race between two alliances.

The “M&m’s” and “Pack” alliances went head to head. With every day the Wonders of the World on both sides grew, while each side was planning their first attacks. About a week later the first Wonders of the World reached level 21. Exactly the right time to get the attacks started. The “M&m’s” alliance began attacking and flattened the “Pack” alliance’s WW.

blog_alpha_ende1The counterattack was only a matter of time and – despite a few bugs favoring the defender – the WW of the alliance “M&m’s” was also leveled. article_alpha_eog_bamWhat followed were more attacks against the slowly recovering Wonder of the World villages. Only two villages lay at the center of attention. It was “BoB” from the “Pack” and “mindless” from among the “M&m’s”. No one bothered attacking other Wonder of the World villages.

The “M&m’s” alliance was sure to win, until all of a sudden the WW leader switched to the “Pack” alliance. By that time it was already too late. All hammers that could have changed the course of the action had been used and so the “M&m’s” had to helplessly watch as “Pack” seized victory in the Alpha round.


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