Tea@Three: Kaiwan

Today we are introducing Kaiwan from IRAN as the first player in our second round of Tea@Three. He attached some screenshots of his biggerst challenges, too, so he will get one of our chieftain statues as well. Congratulation Kaiwan!

What is your name/nickname?
Hi, my names is kaiwan ahmadi and i´m 30 years old.
Are you still in school, a student or working already?
I´m PhD student of physical education and sport sciences and also I am faculty of PNU university.
Where are you from or where do you live now?
I´m from I.R.IRAN, Kurdistan.
For how long have you been playing Travian? Is there a favorite server that you prefer to play?
I have played Travian for six years on different servers but I love finals, I was on finals 2012 & 2013 and I will be on final 2014.
Do you play a solo account or do you have a team you’re playing together with?
I love play with team, so that account can be online 24 hours a day and we arrive our works too, but I prefer our team be just 3 good players.
Do you have a favorite tribe that you always play with?
Just the Teutons. I think my heart is clubswinger.
Is your game offensive or defensive-based?
Absolutely offensive.
How much time do you spend on Travian per day?
About 8 hours a day.
Do you play other games apart from Travian?
Yes, I play goalunited since 3 years ago too and I have a great team there.
Which external tools do you use for Travian?
I do not like to use any external tools, I prefer play by myself.
What is the biggest challenge in Travian for you?
To make the biggest offensive hammer on server.
What do you think about the changes to Travian and why do you think that?
I like changes because without changes everything would be boring after some times.
Are you active on the Travian forum?
Yes, I check it every day to inform about new announcements.
Something you always wanted to share with the community?
Maybe travian just be a game, but you can earn a lot of good experiences that you can use them in your real-life, as Try to be the best.
Some of my challenges:

Challenge 1


Challenge 2


Chellenge 3


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