T5 Beta Chronicles: There’s always another tutorial task

I entered the beta world at 2pm on the starting day. Following the completion of the tutorial and the activation of my account, the fun could begin. By now, I’m no great fan of the tutorial any more. I’ve played through it many times and as a veteran player, you become familiar with all the basic features of the game anyway.

blogEven during the tutorial, my motto is “offense is the best defense”. Hence, I decide to enter the battle as a king. The account was loaded with Gold – 1700 Gold for about 50 euros should do to start with. The production of Clubbies started right away, even though the quest master, his daughter “Wren” and that “Marcus” guy had other plans for me in mind.

My strategy for the first 24 hours – that’s how long the protection period of the king is – was to attack all oases around me as quickly as possible, to clean and annex them, in order to expand my kingdom further and to gain additional influence over other “non-kings”. That way, I could accept them into my kingdom. This was to turn out to be a big advantage, since governors provide their king with tributes in the form of resources.

More governors = more tributes = more resources = faster troop trainingg19_t20

You might ask now: “Why train troops? Inhabitants are much more important at the start of the game. Mainly due to the production of resources and culture points and of course the quicker settling related to them. He doesn’t quite know how Travian works!”

sdafghThe answer is a resounding “no!” from me. There are different playing styles and each player will have their own personal style after all. But T5 isn’t T4 and my T4 strategy didn’t work out in the alpha. Not least because of the changes with the new king and oases systems.

On day two my first 50 Clubbies and my brave hero cleared out the surrounding villages of potentially dangerous kings, while my Clubswinger training and Residence upgrades to level 10 were running at full blast. The resource push of the starter package helped greatly here. I was also lucky, because initially my hero returned mainly with resources from adventures.


The day didn’t quite go as well, as now more and more players started to clear out and annex oases. Some of them tried to even steal oases that I had already conquered; a fact that I as an offensive player could not put up with.


Following my clean up, the attacker quit the round. Another farm on my list. Besides I noticed that my “Alpha” alliance was re-established on the Beta server. Joining them was a no-brainer.

Damn culture points

So the third day passed. Training Clubbies, cleaning oases and putting troops in them and farming enemy kings. The Residence was up to ten and the first two Settlers ready. Tributes and the quests alongside made all that possible. The third Settler was in training and a suitable village found, too. A look at the culture point display then disappointed me. “Settling only in five days?” Damn, that’s taking too long. Celebrations need to be held and I immediately started them in the Town Hall I had built earlier. The display changes to “three days until settling.” I was still confused. Could that be real? By that time all good villages will be taken already.

I went to bed right away, without even checking my Alpha account.

Go Settlers! siedler

Day four began just as the celebration in the Town Hall ended. Only then I realized that I had finished a quest that gave me an additional 500 culture points.

BINGO! Now I had enough points to be one of the first players on the server to settle my second village. Have a guess what I went for. Exactly, a 15 cropper with 50% crop. ONLY? Of course, because two 9 croppers were directly bordering the 15 cropper and within the 5×5 two more 9 croppers could be found.

The development of the 15 cropper followed the scheme of the first village. Again I deviated from the classic tutorial requirements in order to build troops fast. Focus: Teutons and Catapults.

The following days were spent with small-scale farming attacks on other kings – the general beginner’s protection would still last for another two of a total of seven days. Smaller players had been contacted or contacted me directly, asking if they were able/allowed to join my kingdom. Of course they could!

Rich like Scrooge

The first week’s result is quite remarkable. Top 10 player, raider of the week rank 9, spent 350 Gold, mainly on the starter package (100 Gold for gold31 days of Plus and several items), the second and third master builder slot (50 + 100 = 150) and a number of Silver exchanges at 5 Gold each. On top of that, I’m the leader of a powerful force (mainly Clubbies and Teutons).

Next week you will find out what happened after that.

Until then.

P.S.: You can find the T5 chronicles now on our blog every Saturday. Here, you will be able to read about my own thoughts and strategies, but also about changes in T5.


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