T5 Beta Chronicles: The king says his goodbyes

The third week of the T5 Closed Beta is ill-omened. My kingdom is shrinking continuously, other kings set up camp around my second village and troop training has come to a standstill. What am I doing wrong? It all started so well?

But one thing at a time.Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-15 um 13.40.19

Even in week three my kingdom continues to shrink. The once mighty area has been reduced to a little patchwork with more or less active governors. One of the more active ones recently set me as their sitter, so that I can help them grow what until then was a one village account. There’s a lot of work waiting for me. I’m on really good terms with the owner of the account I’m sitting. Despite that, I’m not happy at all with the current situation of my own account.

A king abdicates


All accounts around me are growing and settling. Just my account seems to be stuck in its position with no development whatsoever. The once so bountiful farm lists now only account for a minimal resource income. Not the best precondition for quickly building up my 15-cropper. I’m fighting with myself. How can I get back to my position of dominance? Well, with troops and war, obviously, but that’s the next problem: my troop training is going rather slow right now!

One reason for this are the missing or rather lacking resources, without which I can only train very few troops. Heavy-heartedly and after a few beers and in a hush-hush operation, I decided to change things and abdicated as king.

It’s working out

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-15 um 13.50.04

This hasn’t gone unnoticed. Some governors I was in regular contact with, anxiously asked me why I abdicated. Following a quick explanation, they calmed down again and I can now exclusively focus on my new role as a governor. Not even an hour later the first robbers’ camp appears, with a total of 7 treasures.


Resources, resources and more resources

I couldn’t have asked for more than the treasures and troops in the robbers’ camp. Finally, resources, that I can use for my troop training and village upgrades after sending the treasures to my king.Times seem to be getting better, even my hero always returns with resources from his adventures.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-15 um 13.22.50I feel incredibly rich and can hardly spend all my resources. The troop training queue constantly gets fuller, just to make more room for incoming resources.Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-15 um 13.23.50Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-15 um 13.23.50

W&C redde legiones meas

The treasure hunters came soon after my abdication. Two days later, the “W&C” alliance, located just north of my former kingdom, attacked. Three players took the treasures that were left in my village following my abdication without warning. This cost me troops, since I wasn’t online in time for the attacks.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-15 um 13.16.39Intolerable! I’m not gonna let this stand! A victim needed to be found quickly – and so it was. One of the attackers settled not far away from my village. I waited for his next attack and then sent my troops against his village, too. The attack was a proper hit and peace and quiet returned to my account. Appearances are deceptive, though. I’m angry. I’ll have to wait for the right moment to turn these evildoers into my farms.Bildschirmfoto-2014-11-15-um-13.45.531

All in all, the week that was characterized by my abdication has been a success for my account. The troop count is going up rapidly, my warehouses are overflowing most of the time and the village is developing more quickly again.

You want to find out whether it remains quiet around me or whether I will put my plan into action and give my attackers a hard time? Read the answers next Saturday, when another episode of the T5 Beta chronicles will be published.

Until then.

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