T5 Beta Chronicles: Strong troops, weak troops

The silence in week five is eerie. No Scouts, no attacks, nothing at all. It’s very unusual and confusing. The training of my Scout army is progressing well nonetheless. I’ve passed the 500 mark. City and village upgrades are also going well.

Training is next to godliness

Bildschirmfoto-2014-11-29-um-12.16.52Besides training troops, I can’t neglect upgrading them via the Smithy. This dramatically reduces my losses in case of resistance. Not only do my Clubbies and Teutonic Knights enjoy regular upgrades. The Scouts are just as important. The levels of my units increase Bildschirmfoto-2014-11-29-um-12.16.38almost daily and I can hardly keep up with upgrading the Smithy. At higher levels it’s ridiculously expensive. Don’t ever say education for free.

Size matters

Not only is upgrading my troops at the center of my strategy. Following the motto “think big”, I also increase my army size. A massive superiority in terms of troops does reduce the casualty rate in large-scale attacks. Yet I still see the disadvantage in attacks against smaller players. Why do they think they need to defend against my attacks?


Short on crops

Up-sizing my army is going well, but there’s a new problem around the corner. I can’t keep up with upgrading my Croplands. The Bildschirmfoto-2014-11-29-um-12.14.28deficit in my capital village is growing. I’m trying to keep it below 500 and have the hero produce crops exclusively. It’s only a drop in the ocean though, and no permanent solution. It takes the pressure off a little, but my hero is skilled only for offense and doesn’t add much Bildschirmfoto-2014-11-29-um-12.23.10to my resource production. Most of my 15-croppers have now reached level eleven and further upgrades are expensive. But “what must be, must be.” It’s only with an elaborate infrastructure that the upkeep of my large army is even thinkable.

Wasting Gold

Bildschirmfoto-2014-11-29-um-12.15.23The continuing deficit and Cropland upgrades make me dig deep in my pockets for Gold. Five Gold for the NPC merchant here and three there for an instant upgrade. It’s noticeable and my Gold balance is constantly going down. Of course I could have put in the effort and traded resources on the market, but that takes too long for my taste. My use of Gold becomes increasingly wasteful. Every little thing is done with Gold. I’ll have to adjust my gaming conduct in the future, otherwise it will affect my honor.

Will the Gold run low? Will the world remain in balance in the sixth week? Find out all of that in the next episode of the Travian 5 Beta chronicles next Saturday.

What do you think of the increase of the Gold price when using the NPC merchant and instant completion? Is it justified, keeping in mind that former Plus features are now free of charge? Write us a comment!

Until then.


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