T5 Beta Chronicles: Of friend and foe

My switch to governor now lies a few days in the past. I’m still angry at the attacker who smashed part of my troops – even if it was only a relatively small number. But there’s no time to be grieving. A lot is happening in the surroundings of my main village.

New allies

beta_chronicles_surroundingThe enemy kings, who initially settled next to my 15-cropper and who I fought, have now joined my alliance. That shifts the balance of power in our favor, as the attackers from W&C have also noticedin the meantime. The result is that many kingdoms are falling apart and are being swallowed up by my alliance or one of our allies like ¿³. Only a few players are remaining and they are turning into my farms. Now I’ve got more peace and quiet to focus exclusively on my military.

Scout village

I’m planning to take my military setup to the extremes. Hence I have decided to no longer use my starting village only to support my 15-cropper. But what exactly am I going to do now? Should I build a small offensive army on the side, just for farming, or should I use the village as a sole place for Scouts? It’s a justified question, as I have already researched and trained Scouts in my HQ. There’s pros and cons for both scenarios: UNIT_GERMAN_SCOUTA little offensive army for farms would bring more resources to my Barracks, but it would require further logistics to get those sent to my HQ. An exclusive Scout village however, would not require any logistical considerations, but it wouldn’t be able to sustain itself like a farming offensive village. At the same time, all the support for my capital village – especially to make up for the crop deficit – would come to a halt.

It’s not an easy decision. Eventually I choose the Scout option. Training commences soon after and the first 200 Scouts are queued already. At the same time, I upgrade the Smithy, too. I definitely want strong Scouts.

City founding

By upgrading the Smithy and the rest of the village, I have now passed the 500 inhabitant threshold and can now make my village a city. The costs:

  • One additional CP slotbeta_chroniken_city_requirements_en

But does it pay out to turn your village into a city or should I settle instead? Of course a city upgrade is worth it. As I want to train an army of Scouts, the upgrade has a striking advantage: I can upgrade resource fields to level 12. With this, my crop production will stand at 2,250 plus the Grain Mill and Bakery bonuses. 1,128. Adding the premium feature bonus to that, I will have a total crop production of 4,223 per hour. I can work with that. So, city upgrade it is! beta_chroniken_g3deproduktion_enAll of a sudden the city scenery changes. With the upgrade, a Water Ditch appears, which, besides the aesthetic bonus, also awards a bonus to defense. The upgrade of resource fields beyond level ten is the next logical step.beta_chroniken_waterditchThus ends the fourth week of the Closed Beta. There have not been any further fights, yet. Is the Closed Beta turning into a total sim round or are there still potential enemies waiting? You will find out next time.

Until then.

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