From the scrolls of Henrik

Fully recovered, my heroine left the village to move farther north. This time, she brought along a water bucket, just in case. The village healer gave it to her, together with a scroll detailing the Teutonic version of the origins of the water bucket. The doctor, who was born in a Roman village, doesn’t quite believe in that story. Our heroine however is very happy to take the document.

Ice water shower with the winged bucket

By Odin! We just can’t do it! It’s Haleg moon and the 59th water bucket we are experimenting with. Irregardless of how many times we pour ice cold water over our heads, we don’t feel heavenly powers. The hero said this item literally gives him wings as soon as he receives the ice water shower from the bucket.

By now our kids already started to have fun doing it. Just like the Gods chose the hero to be the one to use the water bucket, the brats nominated each other to receive a cold shower. We sent them down to the river to avoid them wasting our precious water.

Back to our experiment: The item blessed by the Gods doesn’t work on fallen soldiers either. So why does it work on the village hero?

Of Valhalla, Valkyries and very cold buckets of water

Here’s the facts we know about: Water buckets can only be found by the hero on adventures. Even he cannot tell us any news. According to him, he always finds them on the ground, near bodies of water. Different water samples showed no differences or peculiarities.

Surely the Gods have a hand in play here. An important indicator are the bucket’s wings. They are similar to a Valkyrie*. A solider once observed during a fight how the hero knelt down following a strong hit from a sword and nearly died. The equipped item then flew above him and emptied all of its contents of its own accord. A miracle! It must have been a Valkyrie lifting the item. There is no other possible explanation!

We know from other legends: Fallen warriors are sent as Einherjars to Valhalla*** by the Valkyries, in order to continue their fight in the world of the Gods. It is possible the hero still has a special task to finish on Middangeard**** and the Valkyries are his aides.

Oh what the hell! The Gods will know what to do. Rather than lose any sleep over this, we should celebrate and toast to the Gods so that we get divine support instead. To the barkeeper for a jug of mead!


*Valkyrie: “Angel of Death” in Nordic mythology

**Einherjar: “honorable, fallen warrior”

***Valhalla: “Residence of the fallen” –> Resting place of the fallen

****Middangeard: This world in Nordic mythology

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