From the scrolls of Henrik

My heroine soon arrives in Rome. The trees are still shining in green, while high up in the north, the leaves have started to fall already. Nonetheless, it has become colder in the southern part of Europe, too. “Time for something warm”, she thought. Just in that moment, she spotted a Teutonic village in the distance. Upon her arrival at the local tavern, the heroine wanted to order warm mead. Unfortunately the pub was all out of the nice beverage. So she had to opt for another hot drink: tea. With her tea, she was served a scroll detailing the history of the infusion drink in Travian.

Wait and see… and have a cup of tea?

A new scroll is required! I, the prudent Henrik, have witnessed the peculiar mentality of our far south-eastern allies. We arrived in scorching heat from an exhausting journey and our friends had no mead! We were dying of thirst.

Oh well, the village elder calmed us down, telling us that an infusion drink will be served. However, we would need to enter the nearest building. Here they have no Brewery, but a “Teahouse” instead. Have our allies not come to their senses? Drinking tea in this heat?

As we didn’t want to be impolite, we stayed for a cup. I ardently hoped to become tipsy, yet there was no sign of alcohol. But then, a few minutes after finishing my drink, I felt warm all over. Everybody noticed a pleasant feeling that spread through their bodies. The tea helped to create a relaxed atmosphere, which positively helped our negotiations. Maybe our friends weren’t quite so wrong with their idea.

Tea time!

And so we decided to hold our diplomatic talks in the Teahouse from this day forward. It’s neither very noisy nor does the atmosphere tend to result in brawls. Sometimes I realize what barbaric manners come to light after a few mugs of mead in the high north. And here, in the hot sun of Travianland, in the middle of the desert, the inhabitants keep their cool with a cup of tea.

Be it sugared or long brewed: in this region, where alcohol is frowned upon, tea is almost the national beverage. The Teahouse itself has become a center of society. It’s very sophisticated here. I also can’t see a single table where gambling is taking place. Maybe, I, the insightful Henrik, should have a chat with our folks. A couple of calm hours over tea can’t do any harm. I demand less mead and more tea!

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