Travian V: Closed Beta starting today!

The day has finally arrived: Today the long-awaited closed beta of Travian V will go live. Many of you will participate! Thousands of players worldwide registered to test and improve the game with us. In the course of the next few days we will get players on the server in several waves.

Background of this action is that we want to observe, how our server and the technology react to the mass of players and their actions ingame. We will let all players on the server as soon as possible!

The Closed Beta version is a giant step forward for the team. Already our alpha was pretty much feature complete. Now the previous Alpha players will notice new graphics and many fresh details that have found their way into the game.

And here’s what players say about the earlier Alpha version:

  • “T5 may be different, but it’s better.”
  • “The king system with its strategic depth is just starting to unfold. It’s a LOT of fun!”
  • “The graphics and art design look much better. The threefold master builder slot is great”
  • “I like to steal treasures from other kings together with other players from my kingdom”
  • “By now I’m not as skeptical about the king system anymore as I initially was”

So, to all our testers: Have a lot of fun with Travian V and thanks a lot for your help and Support!

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