Tea@Three: Radmilo

Here is the seventh edition of our weekly player tea at three. Today we introduce from Serbia, Radmilo. He has sent us a screenshot of his account and a picture of himself with his dog. So of course he will get a chieftain statue from us. Congratulations!

What is your name/nickname?
Oh, my name is Radmilo, in this virtual world, better known for San Sei.
Are you still in school, a student or working already?
I’m 20 years old student of electrotechnology with prime on telecommunications, but that’s boring part of the story.
Where are you from or where do you live now?
I came from Serbia, little village alike Travian ones, Crvenka, but in this moment I study in Novi Sad, again irrelevant part of this interview.
For how long have you been playing Travian? Is there a favorite server that you prefer to play?
I’ve been playing Travian since year 2008/09, it was first Serbian rs1 server, with good commercials and banners on other pages, and in that time, I did not have ADblocking software πŸ˜€ I get used to this game very quickly, with my Gauls, even I didn’t have idea how to play just a lil’ bit as a pro. But I learned fast, and left those domestic servers, for some big impact .com domen, where I turned pro.
Do you play a solo account or do you have a team you’re playing together with?
At start, I was playing alone, logical, then in 2011 I found my first and last dual, sova22, real good guy, and we rised nice chemistry over these years, fulfilling each other.
Do you have a favorite tribe that you always play with?
We are offensive Gauls, in grey zone part of enemy team, almost in 90% of our servers, that’s our tactic, there we are good, and that’s what we play.
Is your game offensive or defensive-based?
Fast reactions, fast demolitions, I like that style, but hours of my dream doesn’t πŸ˜€
Do you play other games apart from Travian?
This is the second browser based game which I play, my toxic is game named Haxball also, google it, it’s sportslike, not strategy. Also in free time summer, I play CS and DotA, as a regular male guy of these years.
Which external tools do you use for Travian?
Sometimes I use kirilloid, when I’m lazy to calculate of my own(understand me, I do 5 hours of math every day).
What is the biggest challenge in Travian for you?
My biggest challenge in this game is to arrange team, society, group of people, who works like one, for one goal, in one advance.
What do you think about the changes to Travian and why do you think that?
That’s really hard, and interesting. I’m ok with changes, I get it totally. Ofcourse my favourite version was 3.6, but I understand in which way Travian goes now, and it’s OK for me, keep workin’! Just give back refs on different servers, so people can click for their gold πŸ˜€
Send us a screenshot of your account:
And this is my last account for fun, the less active i ever had πŸ˜€

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