Travian celebrates its 10th Birthday!

The first guests arrived. The Birthday will start now!

Special surprise for our birthday!

As most of you may know we are celebrating our 10th anniversary today in Munich. But that´s not all! Celebrating this great day even more, we decided to announce a Special surprise for everyone. Starting today the pre-registration… Read More

10. Birthday: Welcome Speech

Die Feier zu Ehren des 10. Geburtstags von Travian wird mit einer kurzen Ansprache von Eckart Foos, Game Director, und Gerhard Short welcome speech from Eckart Foos, Game Director, and Gerhard (Keen), founder of Travian.

Picture of the Day: Pilgrimage

Since yesterday we have visitors in our office from Atlanta. A film team composed of three Travian players, sent us an email and asked us if it´s possible to shoot a roadmovie. They will produce a movie showing… Read More

Gamescom: Meet & Greet

We have got another two pictures of our Meet & Greet in Cologne from participants of that glory evening. It was an amazing evening with much fun and of course you guys!

Picture of the Day: Janitorial exercises

As all of you know we will celebrate our 10th birthday on Saturday. But first we have to clean up our office! Everything should be nice and clean when we show it to our guests and players.

Tea@Three: Alexei

Here is the sixth edition of our weekly player tea at three. Today we introduce from Russia, Alexei. He has sent us a screenshot of his account and a picture of himself. So of course he will get… Read More