From the scrolls of Henrik

Harvest season has been in full swing since Ernting*. All villages across Travianland have been busy with processing their resources in the meantime. My heroine is also helping out by searching for new crop fields with the help of a Scout. According to her “crop finder” there should be an abandoned 15-cropper village not too far away. It is exactly there that she made yet another discovery in the form of a scroll.

A master has yet to fall off the cauldron

Today I, Ditmar, will continue the writings of my teacher Henrik. He actually was meant to try out the new kinds of beer and mead and write up reviews of them for the upcoming celebration. Unfortunately he no longer will be able to do so; there were just too many. None of this is going to stop us Teutons from starting our own beer festival in celebration of the opening of the new Brewery!

As soon as the sun has reached its highest point in the sky, the first keg will be opened. And there are hundreds of them! This year’s harvest has been so fruitful that one day of celebrations won’t be enough! A local brewer, who helped us with the hops yield, suggested a beer festival lasting a fortnight. By Odin! That might be a challenge even for us belligerent Teutons! But oh well, let’s just try!

Bottoms up!

The local brewer in any case is of the cheeky kind. He offered to open the celebrations. He was lucky our Chief was in a good mood and thought his extraordinary clothing to be rather funny: Leather trousers with straps as well as a huntsman’s hat with feathers. Everything on this man looked strange. We even struggled to understand his gibberish. Actually this beery celebration wasn’t any of his business. For our Chief however, it was a done deal: “Alois will open the celebrations to mark the great harvest!”

And so it happened: With the strange words “O’ zapft is!” (It’s been tapped!) the drinking orgy began! It must have been a call to the Gods, because the locals drank so fast that even our hero’s jaw dropped! Our “barbaric beverage”, as the Romans call it, tasted amazing! Especially after all the hard work.

The selection of befogging beverages was great: Mead with different spices as well as beer and malt, something between beer and mead. The so-called “Viking blood” was also tasty: Mead mixed with cherries. With the amount of food and drink going around, the party was a real hit! Our Chief decided that a celebration like this needs to be held now whenever one could even think of a possible occasion. Long live the Breweries!


* August in the Teutonic calendar

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