Tea@Three: Kyle

Here is the fifth edition of our weekly player tea at three. Today we introduce from US, Kyle. He has sent us a screenshot of his current account and a picture of himself. So of course he will get a chieftain statue from us. Congratulations!

What is your name/nickname and how old are you?
Kyle! I typically go by ~K if I message people in game. I am 20!
Are you still in school, a student or working already?
I am currently studying studying Environmental Engineering in the US!
Where are you from or where do you live now?
Grew up for most of my life in Colorado.
For how long have you been playing Travian? Is there a favorite server that you prefer to play?
2008-2009 was the first year I played Travian. Ever since then it has been off and on, but us2 has been my most frequent.
Do you play a solo account or do you have a team you’re playing together with?
I have typically run a solo account in the past, but I want to transition to running dualed accounts in the future!
Do you have a favorite tribe that you always play with?
I almost exclusively played Gaul in the past. I love their versatility and flexibility throughout the game.
Is your game offensive or defensive-based?
Matters the server! I generally play offensive though.
How much time do you spend on Travian per day?
Depends on what is going on. Typically, I am active every couple hours throughout the day.
Do you play other games apart from Travian?
Yes! Gaming is a big thing at my apartment with my roommates and we play all sorts of stuff from big MOBAs like League of Legends to smaller multiplayer games like Sanctum or Civilization.
Which external tools do you use for Travian?
Kirilloid has been one of my favorites in the past. You can literally find everything you need on that site.
What is the biggest challenge in Travian for you?
The biggest challenge in game is getting people to work together as a team. Winning a server takes a dedicated leader and dedicated team, and those two are rare to coincide within an alliance.
What’s the most fun for you in-game?
The most fun has been getting to meet people. I know people from all over the world from this game!
What do you think about the changes to Travian and why do you think that?
The changes the Travian are complex. I have played this game for a long time, and enjoy how simple the mechanics are. The new changes seem to be making the game more complicated, so it will be harder to attract new players to the game.
Are you active on the Travian forum?
Lately I have posted a little.
Something you always wanted to share with the community?
You guys rock! I have enjoyed playing servers with you all in the past. Have met a few really good friends and plan to meet more over the coming years.
Send us a screenshot of your account:
Without posting too much of my account since it is on a current server:

Kyle acc

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