Alpha diary: Settling has the highet priority

In our second post in the alpha diary series of the Travian V alpha, we would like to tell you about last week’s events. Recently, we started farming and increasing our resource production. At the start of this week, it will remain our main focus. The plan is to increase resource production so that we can soon settle our next village. Additionally, we will work on our culture point production, in order that this requirement for settling is fulfilled much quicker.

Friday 10:20 am:

alpha10Good morning, dear alpha diary. Thankfully, today I was able to sleep in. Yesterday’s adventure brought us another 15 cages, which means that we already have 54 cages on day three. I’m really hoping that not all players are doing the same, otherwise farming might turn out to be a real problem.

10:54 am: alpha11Just sent our hero on a journey to use the cages. A nice little defense consisting of snakes, wild boars and wolves should keep the bad farmers away from our village.

12:08 pm: My worst fears have materialized. One of my best farms has abdicated as king and is now a governor again, which means it is now enjoying beginner’s protection. WTF? Looks like there are a couple of fellow sufferers who didn’t fare any better. BrainBug comments on this in the forum: “It’s really annoying to fight with other kings, because once you have turned them into farms and lost a considerable amount of troops in the process, they just turn into governors again and regain their beginner’s protection. So you’ve invested a lot of resources and hardly get anything back for it!”

1:49 pm: An increasing number of my farms all of a sudden have animals for the protection of their village or are no longer kings. Farming is only rarely worth my while. At least this means that more players will stay in the game and one doesn’t settle in an abandoned region. Thinking of doing the same as my farms, as my only governor isn’t delivering the desired amount of resources. Maybe I can fill my quota via robber hideouts?

4:23 pm: My new king seems to be reasonably competent and active. However, I shouldn’t count my chickens before they’re hatched.alpha12Robbers’ camps still seem unprofitable. At this early stage, one receives a treasure and roughly 250 resources, while usually losing one unit in the process. Only later does the amount of resources from the camps increase. On top of that, the robbers’ camps appear less frequently than adventures for heroes. Ah well, I’m gonna stick with being a governor for now.

7:43 pm: Been taking care of the production of my culture points over the last few hours. My focus here was on the Main Building, the Academy, and the Marketplace. For the latter, there was even a nice reward when it reached level 5. The rewards received so far are better than anything I’ve ever seen! They even make up for the resources I’m losing out on due to a lack of farms. You just have to cleverly work your way through the tutorial tasks. Right, another quick raid on a robbers’ camp and another adventure for the hero and sadly I’ve got to leave. Let’s hope nothing happens to my account.

Saturday 7:51 am:

Why on earth am I awake already? Something is going really wrong here! Oh well, quick check on my neglected account; let’s hope nothing happened to it during the night.

7:53 am: Phew, my account is still there but the warehouses are full. At least I now have enough resources to order the construction of some level 5 fields.Bildschirmfoto-2014-12-06-um-14.01.43Just got an email from Travian. They asked me to take part in a survey of the new tutorial. For my efforts, they will credit my account with 150 Gold on Monday. The survey doesn’t seem to be particularly long, so I happily provide my initial feedback. Right, I’m gonna go back to bed now!

10:07 am: I’m properly awake now. The plan for today is to bring the last few fields up to level 5 and to upgrade some buildings for my culture point production. I’m hoping my hero will find some useful stuff on his adventures.

1:23 pm: Oh, found nearly 10k resources on adventures — twice. Looks like I can get all fields to level 5 today. The amount of resources is absolutely crazy. Adventures sure are fun!

4:43 pm:Bildschirmfoto-2014-07-27-um-13.15.28Construction on the last level 5 field has started. Now I can focus on upgrading the Academy and the Main Building to level 10 for the rest of the day.

9:43 pm: So much for that. I overestimated my resources. Upgrading the Academy to level 10 won’t be happening today after all.

Sunday 10:22 am:

Phew, looks like my beginner’s protection is gone for good now. I’ve reached the 200 population threshold. Let’s see if someone dares to attack me. In the meantime, our king is in an alliance with the rather creative name “alliance”. Should I start to be properly worried now? I really hope that they’re serious about playing and not just testing out the game, as my boss always says!

1:44 pm: I’ve still not heard from out king. For the first time ever, I spoke with the other governors of my kingdom. Some of them seem relatively competent. However, they all could be a bit more talkative, as I’m used to much more communication on live servers. In the meantime, my first fields are being upgraded to level six and I successfully raided additional robbers’ camps and hideouts. Apart from that, the only thing left to do is farming oases.

8:00 pm: The first player just settled. A king with seven governors, of which five seem to be active. As many others have mentioned in the forum already, it is pure luck how many governors a king will have. However, the amount of active governors is really relevant here, as they determine the amount of tributes one receives. Hence, a king who has many governors from the very beginning has a great advantage over other kings. “First of all, the idea takes some getting used to — you can end up with many governors or none at all. That’s a lot of resources, which are safe while in beginner’s protection!” (Mondkind)

9:08 pm: Might need to increase the production of my culture points or hold a few celebrations so that I can settle quicker. The number of days left until I can settle is too high. Let’s see if I can bring that down to three to four days.

10:16 pm: Somehow my adventures aren’t yielding much. Only cages, resources, ointments and Silver. Does T5 not like me? Hopefully this gets better tomorrow! In any case, the Auction House seems normal, compared to the sometimes excessive prices in T4. All prices here are within a reasonable range and there are no longer any bids of over 300k Silver. Off to bed now; editorial meeting in the morning.

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